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Author Topic: FBSM near Euston Station  (Read 972 times)

Offline Uncle Buck

Hi fellow punters, I've punted in London, Scotland and Midlands and in town next week. These days I'm far more interested in FBSM - I like the "will she/ won't she" scenario. When I was in town last month I visited an impromptu Thai/ chinese place just off Euston road which was good but didn't do much research so got a basic service.
Can anyone recommend a particularly endearing place that offers at the very least a great massage and a HE?
Any recommendations would've appreciated.

I acknowledge that I may need a tin hat for such an outlandish request

Cheers UB

Offline Arex000

Bamboo massage in Judd street should fit the bill...

Offline Uncle Buck

Good suggestion mate. I'll give it a blast. Have you been? What are the girls like??what can you/ can you not do?

Offline Bobmo1

Happy ending is guaranteed but the women are a bit hit and miss.
Ask to see the lady before you pay so you can decide whether or not to stay.

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