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Author Topic: Sexy girl but poor service Sara-lil Bradgord  (Read 665 times)

2 review(s) for Sara-lil (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

 https://www.adultwork.com/3362349 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sara%2Dlil

I was feeling the urge for a punt so off to AW to see who was available when I came across Sara-lil profile. It was early so I sent off a booking request with details of what I wanted. These included dressed as a secretary and lots of Dfk. I then text to let her know I had put a booking request in. Swift reply and booking confirmed, but because she was touring no secretary out fit, but a school girl one. So I agreed to this. Comms up to this point were brilliant, swift reply, seemed very chatty and boy was I getting excited.
So off I trundled to see her, it was booked for 4.30pm but I was at the hotel for just before 4. So I texted saying I was about and if she was ready we could start early. No reply, ok not an issue I was early. Anyway 4.30 came texted her again, no reply, so I phoned and it went straight to answer phone. This is where I should have given up but I percivied.suddenly the phone goes its a text saying she is ready. Now it was 4.50pm saying she was ready, so I asked for the room number. 10 minutes later this comes through, with a reply sat here waiting for you lol. Again why I'd I not walk.
Got into the room greeted by a petite good looking lady size 10, with enhancements not too big but quite hard. She was dressed in tracksuit bottoms and a t shirt. No kiss to greet me. I confirmed 1 hour, paid and proceeded to get a shower. We had some small talk whilst in the shower but all instigated by myself, I think she was on the phone.
When I entered the bedroom Sara was on the bed in stockings suspenders and matching underwear. Wow I must say she looked fit and had a great body. Kissing started but it was very light so I told her I wanted Dfk she responded but not as deep as I would have liked. Then it was down to owo again very light, so I asked if I could dom her, in which she said yes. That was it I laid her on her back head over the edge of the bed and face fucked her. I ensured I got most of my cock into her but she had a poor gag reflex so I eased off. Still fucking her mouth I shot my load hard into her not giving her chance to move away. Credit to the girl she took it all in, she then discreetly got rid of the evidence. Some more chat as I fingered her I then wanted to taste her pussy so I got her to sit on my face, a great little pussy but not very wet. Then on with the condom I got her to ride me cow girl. This was good but very little eye contact. I made her kiss me. Then some missionary then I asked for more oral. Off with the condom and she sucked me to completion again. Same routine with her full mouth. A little more chat and she indicated time was near up.
Another shower a little kiss goodbye and off I went. Checked my phone to realise I had only been in the room just over 40 minutes.
This girl is a little cracker looks wise, but communications and service a big let down. Would I see again, definitely not. I felt it was a waste of money

2 review(s) found for Sara-lil linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline mrfishyfoo

FFS MrBlindBob this so should have been a positive BUT I must agree doesn't matter how fit a lass is if her service and attitude are shit.

You did give her a good face fucking though  :diablo: :diablo:

If she delivered and didn't clock watch and run late it would have been a different rating. Damn sexy girl though

Offline daveev

Times and dates do mean a lot to me as well, shame it was not the full hour which again should not happen but has with me only a different girl. she did leave you good feedback on aw haha so must have liked the face fucking.

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