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Author Topic: bustybabemilf, stone, staffordshire, very sexy fit milf  (Read 1196 times)

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short booking with bustybabemilf a good few backs now, not got round to posting the review

just outside stone, staffordshire. very easy from A34 or M6 e.t.c

comms excellent, she answers emails very very quickly, arranged, number given, phone when round corner e.t.c

location, interesting, is best way i can find to describe it. i could not find it. don't want to reveal much for her security as if you knew the area it would be a give away, but once found great little new place.

greetings, paperwork e.t.c all taken care of and asked i minded staying in her front room on her sofa as i was only here for a half hour oral only meeting.

dressed in heels, black stockings and black lacy lingerie she looked drop dead sexy. her boobs are great and look amazing in a bra, she has a bloody gorgeous firm arse that she happily bent over to show me in her lacy french knickers so i could grope squeeze and kiss it.  :wacko: :thumbsup: 20 year old girls would kill for her figure. great legs to

she is as quoted early 40's i would say, very attractive facially, clearly in her 40's but in great shape and one of the most attractive milfs iv seen, as she says on profile, if you saw her out and about, yes you deffo would look at her and imagine fucking her.

so anyway, remove as many clothes as i feel comfortable with, nice touch to say comfortable with and as soon as my shirt unbuttoned she licked nibbled and sucked my nipples while i removed trousers and boxers

now for the positives, excellent oral technique, really took it deep, very wet, ball licking and sucking and even lots of kisses, licks and sucks on that lovely bit behind your balls, your gooch.

negatives, interspersed with very fast wanking which progressively was focussed on a little longer and she made all the right moans e.t.c, deffo trying to make me cum a little quicker than i wanted, which with how good she is, would have been within 5-10 minutes. i suspect although this is a new profile, i would say she has done this work before, you can just tell the experienced ones cant you.

so, to slow it down, start to give her oral, lovely little pussy, how ever at this point i seem to have stumbled on the easiest women in the world to give an orgasm to or i must have the best oral technique ever. she will win no Oscars for the over the top moaning, oh thats so good, lick my pussy bla bla bla and constant trying to fuck my face with her pussy. i wanted to laugh and say ok love calm down, im not that good. either that or there is a hidden camera i didnt know about and im now famous.

had to give up, couldn't cope with the faking and fucking my face any longer

back to my cock, wonderful wet bj again, spitting on it, putting it between her tits and then a very welcome and unexpected surprise as i didn't see it on her likes, but she clearly realised how much i enjoyed the gooch licking and lifted my thighs more, pushed them back and began to rim me, back up sucking balls, deep throat, back to rimming.

fan bloody tastic!!

getting close, somehow, possibly to relieve her knees i seem to recall but i was enjoying it so much i don't fully recall, but im now standing and she is sitting on the sofa, sucking away. she makes some dirty talk about cumming all over her tits, more ball sucking and great bj until the time comes and i have a great strong orgasm and cum a lot all over her lovely tits that she has pushed up for me and she says a few dirty things.

nice little chit chat while she cleaned up the rather substantial amount i had left on her, i was quite proud actually, the unexpected rimming and quality of the oral along with the gap to go down on her had clearly really built me up and made me cum a lot more than normal. clothes on goodbyes said and left a very happy chap

great meeting with some negatives though. if she would only stop the over the top faking and vocals i would have been back for longer to fuck her by now. i would love to see that arse bent over, peel off the knickers and fuck her, maybe ill suggest a gag  :sarcastic:

anyway, lovely women, great meeting i will go back at some point, just hope the amateur dramatics have toned down or stopped.



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