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Author Topic: NEW!!! R O X Y - Hatfield (tours)  (Read 277 times)

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Offline MrXYZ987

This meeting was in late-August, paid 80 for ½ hour
https://www.adultwork.com/3147401 or https://www.adultwork.com/NEW%21%21%21+R+0+X+Y
Comms – Good; called and agreed for a few hours later, asked to call 30 mins before time to get location (not a problem for me, but could be if you are travelling to meet her).  Duly made that call, I wasn’t sent postcode, but she described which hotel she was in (I knew it) and asked to call when I arrived.  Duly did so and given room number.
Location – Hotel by a roundabout at south end of town.  If you’re not a guest or attending one of their hosted meetings then it’s £5 to park !!  Fee payable either by text or at ticket machine, which only accepts coins, no notes.  The room itself was clean and tidy, decent shower available.
Roxy – No face pics in publicly available photos (at time of writing), but 99% sure the photos are of her; she’s slightly over average height, long dark/black hair (soon wound up into a bun for the session), I’d say probably nearer a size 12 than 10 (bit of a belly going on), good sized, firm tits.  Age wise I’d say early to mid-20s, so claimed age of 22 seems reasonable to me.
The meet – Usual packdrill of open door and hide behind it.  Roxy was wearing black basque, stockings & suspenders, high-heeled shoes.
Peck on the cheek as a greeting, confirmed meet duration and settled paperwork.  I stripped off and jumped in the shower.  Onto the bed and straight down to business; a quick bit of wanking from Roxy to get me semi hard, on with johnny and covered oral (profile didn’t say anything about OWO, so was prepared it wasn’t available), which was ok, but nothing great, but did get me fully hard.
Getting me hard seems to be the sole purpose of the OW, as soon as this was achieved she climbed aboard to ride me CG.  After a few minutes she suggested changing position.  Usually I go for mish as less sensation so helping me last longer, but this she declined saying she never does mish (I guess it means easy to zone out without looking at someone sweating away over you).  So onto doggy, which was a lovely view of her very nice arse, but clearly I wasn’t approaching the end quickly enough and she practices her “make you cum fast technique” of clamping your cock with her vaginal muscles.  This she could do extremely well, to the point you struggle to get out, and it had (her no doubt) desired effect of bringing me quickly to an end.
Left to clean myself up, bit of chat whilst I got dressed where Roxy told me there should have been another punter immediately before me, but they were late and as I was there on time I got my agreed slot, but other punter apparently now waiting in hotel/car park.  We know it happens, but I don’t really want to hear it.
All in I was in there for no more than 20 minutes, probably 15.
Would I go back ?  No.
Hummed and hahed about whether to make this neutral or negative, but really the short changing of time and convo about another punting waiting demonstrates she was back-to-backing bookings and clearly in a hurry to get me out means a negative.

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