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Author Topic: Anyone used Club Classique in Lough recently?  (Read 1814 times)

Offline Stoking

Basically close buy and fairly cheap. Searched and found a few posts/thread but newest was from jan, all citing earlier experiences. Has anyone been there recently? I'm quite interested in Robyn but no age shown and I know WG's and Parlours can be quite flexible in that regard.

I'm also presume it's run by Miss Ashton?

Offline Bm123

I've been once a few months ago to see Veronica, so not too sure about Robyn. Alright place but has only single beds which is a bit of a turn off.
Also I believe Miss Ashton works there under the name Paris, but I haven't seen her before so I can't confirm.

Offline imran1234

tell them you would like to see her in the apartment. I have requested this once when I went to see Kimi. A bit further away but not far. Discreet and nice big bed in a big bedroom etc

It's been there years and years - first place I ever went as a young lad.

The place itself is spotlessly clean and not run by Miss Ashton, she just works there a couple of days. The rooms are tiny though with a single bed.

They have an apartment near the station which is much better, discrete, big rooms, double beds, but you might have to book an hour there - not sure. One girl normally works there, but you can ask for others to come down, and depending on how busy they are they will.

Of the current girls, I've seen cara recently, nice girl, but didn't do it for me at all. Miss Ashton is great in the room, seen her a few times over the years. I quite liked Veronica, but I know others on here dont. Loved her posh voice, but the ooh baby stuff puts me off.

It's a decent enough place, but I generally think it's 10 or 20 quid an hour too expensive for what it is.

 Hope that's of use.

Offline Stoking

I have a feeling I've used the apartment, under the archway (best thing to describe it) near the station? Seen kimi, who tbh is one of my favourites, but her 'shifts' don't match my free time atm  :unknown:

Offline Weyoun

Club Classique has a few issues

1) The girls advertised for that day aren't actually always the ones who are working. Best to ring and check.
2) 95% of the time you won't be offered a choice of who to see. You will simply be ushered into a room and someone sent into you. This really annoys me as I'm paying a fair bit and would like a say in the matter.
3)The pictures of the girls aren't always accurate. For example one girl was using photos of Jessica Jane Clement.
4) Not that great VFM. Its £10 as soon as you walk in for the room. Prices start at around £30 for a HJ, £40 for OW, £50 for sex and £60 for sex/OW. Some girls specialise so your looking £80 OWO/sex, it soon racks up and this is just for 30 mins. You can see a decent independent in Leicester or Nottingham for an hour for just a bit more. Never book for an hour, most of the girls will talk/delay for the first 30 mins and you'll only be offered one pop.
5) Location - the actual parlour faces out onto a fairly busy road, the flat (yes under the arch) is a bit more secluded but not all the girls will go down there.

My advice if you can travel then do so.

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Offline peanut27

Went there this week. I agree the prices are not the cheapest, but they can usually see you at short notice.

I have seen Paris ( Miss Ashton) there some years ago, I think she is still on the rota.

This week it was Sacha that I saw. Great GFE, and I think she had at least two orgasms.

Damn, that jasmine looks right up my street...

Never visited a " Parlour" before...

Damn, that jasmine looks right up my street...
Never visited a " Parlour" before...

You can arrange to see her in their private apartment near the raillway station.

Offline PepeMAGA

not used it in years, but probably been there 5 times in the past, always a good time, least a couple times with stunners.

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