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Author Topic: Paris - any intel please  (Read 577 times)

Online webpunter

Have a business trip to fucking Paris.  Read some [very limited] stuff on here & have checked out 6annonce.  Mindful of endemic B&S + the french law ain't too favourable.  Prices appear v.high for [probably] shite burds & the place is full of french people.  I can think of pukka punting cities in europe:  Barcelona, Berlin for starters & Munich is OK with some pre travel research.  I've provided tips on here on threads.  Paris isn't one of them cities.  Might as well try & make the best of a shite destination [thank fuck only 1 night] & get some limited action.  Will probably end up playing safe & make a visit to some massage venue.  Or not bothering & having a play when i get back. Any tips much appreciated

Offline Steely Dan

Last time I was there I got a taxi driver to help me find a street girl to take back to my hotel.  He did great she was awesome. This is a stupid thing to do and incredibly dangerous on all levels, and I will for sure do it again on my next trip.

Offline elihd

You have better chances finding an isis fighter overthere then a good WG!! 

Offline Steve2

Lots of info on www.youppie.net

Massage places are mainly Chinese and in the 15th district

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