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Author Topic: Is the ''I only meet clients with AW feedback'' phase costing pro$$ies money?  (Read 2049 times)

Offline stevedave

adult work did the worst thing by getting rid of the notes system for us girls

I get what you're saying, but the notes system from a punters point of view sounded like a dystopian nightmare.

One of the many reasons I try to avoid booking through AW wherever possible.

I think for some punters getting a/w feedback or jumping through hoops to get booking or even have to crawl on broken glass to get booking is what they enjoy as much as the punting itself.

And Rebecca while I can see why you might like the notes system it was abused. I mean look at some of the female members who have been repeatedly banned could leave a note on your account and other prossies wouldn't know if it was left by mentally ill vindictive

Online Turtle Z

but there are fruitloops with aw feedback too, the worse client i ever had ( stalked me and tried to beat me up )had 11 positive aw feedbacks, adult work did the worst thing by getting rid of the notes system for us girls

Did they? And what about the fruit loop WG's who abused the notes system. I had a twat leave notes that I was dangerous out of vindictive spite because I left her a negative review. Oh, yes, then I had another girl on AW stalk me and was gonna leave notes to warn other punters on AW but guess what, no facility for punters to do that on AW. I half take your point Rebecca but a hidden notes system is not the way to deal with these issues.

Offline MrMatrix

If there are girls that are not getting business over it, then they are the only ones losing out.

But lets be fair, we all will choose a girl with feedback over one without, so punting under the radar does nobody any favours.

FB doesn't preclude me from TOFTT, so I've had my share of bad punts, but I always report back here, so that the next client is better informed.But that's why UKP is so important, we get at the truth of the matter. :hi:

Offline george r

I had quite a lot of feedback but lost it when I didn't log on for ages then could not use my account again  :dash:

Offline raylondoner

Pisses me off to see girls say this when don't leave FB themselves! Doesn't actually affect me though as only see regs.  :cool:

Offline Jimmyredcab

Any WG who operates this way already has a ton of regulars and money, wouldn't worry about them too much

Exactly.     :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I know a Dominatrix who insists on a deposit from new clients --------------- no deposit, no booking, she is not bothered because she has been established many years. 

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