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Author Topic: Anita Fulham  (Read 1251 times)

14 review(s) for JULIA_xxx69 (9 positive, 0 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Dicky

https://www.adultwork.com/3491077 or https://www.adultwork.com/ANITA%5FSEXYYY69

Let me start this review by saying I thoroughly enjoyed this punt. 30min, £50. And THANKS to Punther for his three rules of dealing with this girl. I ignored 1 (went for 30min) but the other 2 were golden and I enjoyed.

Comms: initial text went unanswered. Then called her and she said she is not able to send texts, but gave me the postcode. Booked with 2 hrs to go.

Location: its actually Parsons Green...ie closer to that station according to TFL. A 15 min walk from the station, pleasant enough through what seems to be a really nice neighborhood with posh looking houses. I get to see you city this way, haha. Flat itself was a bit grotty with her bedroom at the very end of a long corridor that she was careful to keep me quite, while walking through. She is also a bit paranoid about not wanting the bell to be rung. Bed was very low but ok and not as wobbly as others have reported. She apparently uses the flat only for work and goes to sleep somewhere else.

Girl:  pretty. Better than the pictures imo. Nice eyes, v fit, flat tummy, suckable round and firm natural boobs. Cracker of an ass. I was squeezing it all through the punt right from when I entered to when she showed me out.

Meet: the girl is a bit of a slippery weasel. She tries to act all playful, pretending to inspect my phone, asking if she can keep it, etc. as per Punther's suggestion, I played along with it and then took charge. Got her to get rid of her lingerie and started lightly spanking her ass (dat ass!). She got the message and asked me to lie down and relax. She likes a routine...first oral, then 69, then fuck. I was having none of that. We first went into 69, owo at her end while I contented myself with squeezing her bum, playing with her labia lips and scaring her by circling her bumhole with my finger. Anal is very definitely off the table and defiantly so ('that is my website, this is me', haha). Her owo was decent...she does something annoying with her teeth so I smacked her bum hard and she went back to normal.

She tries to give the vibe of a nonchalant teen to put you off your game but if you treat her with the same nonchalance, she is easily bought to heel.

Not much FK/DFK happened till later when in missionary, I caught her neck lightly and kissed her full on...she reciprocated and was pliable...just about. After the oral, I got her into prone bone and entered her and fuck she felt awesome!  She was having a bit of a tough time with me hammering her in prone bone so we went into missionary where I also sucked her boobs (full of milk, bebe, very natural, bebe) and then into doggy where I hammered her solid while squeezing and swiping and spanking that magnificent ass. She took the hammering well and I came. We checked our watches and it was 20 min into the punt so I said, let me play with your ass for the remaining 10 min.

She is pretty good on banter and we had a bit of a laugh...for eg when I told her that my jizz would be v good for her skin and hair, she had a look of mock horror on her face n twisted my nipples. All the while my palm firmly stuck to her ass  :music:  she tried to get me out with 5 min to go as she pulled on her bathrobe but I pulled her back and my hand snaked up the robe. 'I am hungry' 'yeah? Here, suck on my dick and I'll give you some nutritious protein'. She knew there was no getting me out early, so she humored me well and I had a free access pass to her ass and pussylips for the last 3-4 min.

Finally decided to leave on time and she asked me to be really quite as we passed other rooms...to give her a scare, I made as if I was going to open the room and she looked terrified...fuck knows what was behind that door!  Maybe she is renting her room from a family...dont know and dont care. Anyway, at the door, I gave her ass one last nice rub from insider her bathrobe, caught her neck and gave her a nice snog and left.

I enjoyed this, having read punther's and pump's pointers. I am in UK for a month this time and I think I will definitely be back for a couple more 30-min sessions. I also thought she was very pretty. Great VFM punt with a bellyful of banter with a sneaky chick that I got the better of, thanks to UKP  :hi:

Edit: just wanted to add that this was not a GFE with no cuddles or softness. When I tried to pull her to me for a cuddle, she was all business. It was a plain vanilla suck and fuck at the end of the day but I still felt like I got very good VFM

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14 review(s) found for JULIA_xxx69 linked to in above post (9 positive, 0 neutral, 5 negative)

Online pumps

sounded exhausting lol


good to see you had fun

Offline Dicky

Haha, it was fun. I like them lively and took this one as a challenge and she had a good attitude once she knew she was not going to weasel out in 20 min. Thanks for your insights earlier!

Offline punther

Nice one!

glad you had a good time mate  :drinks:

She's on my HL but a shame she doesn't do anal as listed  :thumbsdown:

Offline Dicky

She's on my HL but a shame she doesn't do anal as listed  :thumbsdown:

Anal would be epic if she did it. She has the tiniest bumhole ever.

Online pumps


This punter suggests he got Anal from her once upon a time, maybe its possible if you confirm it first?

maybe she wasn't prepared for OP and thought he was about to a helping get shit on his finger? or more importantly he was about to start a service he hadn't paid for  :sarcastic:

but as I said else where  I can't see how a dick is fitting up her arse hole, unless your as endowed like a little finger.
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Thanks for the review. Quite tempted and would like to see her but bit worried if I can handle her attitude. I had a bad experience with another W / G with similar characterstics like hers and I did not enjoy it.
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Offline Dicky

Thanks for the review. Quite tempted and would like to see her but bit worried if I can handle her attitude. I had a bad experience with another W / G with similar characterstics like hers and I did not enjoy it.

Yeah you need to be a bit proactive and 'take the bull by the horns' with this one

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