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Author Topic: Wales / PORT TALBOT ** JESSYBEE  (Read 1574 times)

10 review(s) for jessybee (8 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Hotmat

Link:- https://www.adultwork.com/2883148

SA13 1LG. Flat is a bit messy and dirty.

Security :
Nobody there but her and I (apart from her 2 dogs who barked a bit next door…)

18/06, sorry for being so long…

How long :
1H, early morning punt

Like photo?
The photos are hers, no doubt, but they are flattering.

She is a born & bred Welsh girl. Very nice & talkative.

Don't expect a top model. She is very short, quite slim with few stretch marks. She has small boobs with a bit of extra skin and a couple of stretch marks. She does not have all her teeth.

Average looking. I would not turn back if I saw her in Tesco's.

We had a good laugh. She is very nice mind. And she is willing to try anything. She just won't say no.

Good OWO.

Good sex. She is clearly here to give the best she can. And she really enjoyed it, me too despite her physical incompatibility with my usual tastes. We even had some anal,despite her having some reservations (I am not particularly long, but quite wide…). she did ask to stop after a while but not before showing a good effort. Downside is I had to interrupt RO quite quickly as the smell down there did not agree with me. Not particularly bad, but not nice...

Quite a bit of kissing. For once it was me keeping my lips sealed.

Yes sir!

** Conclusion **
I really feel mean leaving her a bad feedback, as she has quite a good following here and she is a genuinely nice girl. But look-wise, i don't see the point of paying for a girl I definitely would not try to pull if we crossed path in real life.  I could get better looking for free if I had time. I'll let you decide if it would be a neutral rather than a negative.

Value for money :
At £120 I suppose you get the whole panel of services. But physically, it was not good enough for me.

Would I return ?
No I wouldn't, just on looks, not services.

Would I recommend ?
If you don't mind her not being a top model, she does what she promises.

10 review(s) found for jessybee linked to in above post (8 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Good review.

Shame though if she's a nice girl.
And certainly a no go area for me.

These are basics I try to avoid.
Dirty messy place! Missing Teeth! And peculiar whiff down below sounds like a meet I'd kick myself with!!

See Grumpy got visit this week! Be interesting review to see

Good review.  I had a similar experience about 6 months ago, the service was good and she is a genuinely nice girl but I have a thing about teeth and so although she was very good I would, like you, not return.

Online Redevil86

I get where your coming from here lads, I do like them good looking, who don't but her service was / is excellent and again very nice girl, she did talk about implants ( teeth and breasts) I know she was considering it about 5 months ago, think the loss of earnings while off was holding her back, but I do think it would be a good investment.

Online The_Don

I've had to report some of your reviews because your adding the full post codes.

Also note the site rules > https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=1.0

- Privacy of service providers
It is generally not allowed to post personal info of service providers, such as real names and personal social networking profiles. Phone numbers may be posted in full only if they are published in adverts / profiles. Hotels may be named. General description of incall locations is acceptable, but not specific house numbers and street names. Modelling, porn and media-related work are acceptable to be posted, even if it includes their real names as they actively sought publicity / higher-profile. News items may be posted depending on certain circumstances. All aforementioned restrictions do not apply to thieves and those with criminal convictions. Past name changes are never censored, regardless of reasons.

Online Redevil86

It was pointed out to hotmat on the tattooed Sophie review, hopefully admin can delete the post codes.

Online The_Don

It was pointed out to hotmat on the tattooed Sophie review, hopefully admin can delete the post codes.

I noted that and it was only removed from Sophie review, after I had reported it.

Seem like a common theme in most of this reviews!


Online Redevil86

Yes just looked at hotmat's reviews and there are 2 more with post codes and one with hotel named, he's not logged on since 3.37 pm today so don't think he knows about this yet ?

Offline Hotmat

Hi guys, got the message thanks.
But post codes are not that precise, they do cover hundreds of addresses...
Admin man, feel free to amend where necessary.

Online Redevil86

 have no idea about general post code coverage, as it may vary, but I share mine with 5 others, according to the post code lottery, but so long as all's well .

Full postcode covers on average 15 houses I beleive.

Offline HughJardon

Suppose just a reminder to newbies or New review writers to check the site rules, HotMat has only been a member for a couple of months but has done 9 reviews, always helpful from a Welsh punters point of view

Online Redevil86

We were not having a go at hotmat, far from it, prolific reviewer, as Hugh points out, he will be good for this forum, we were just highlighting some of the protocol . Many times reviewers are reminded we don't name hotels, post codes, street names, house numbers, specific apartment blocks, we want our personal details kept secret, the girls are the same, just a safety thing, but don't be put off , it's all a leaning curve.

Offline Hotmat

No worries guys, I'll cut the last bit of the post code so everyone is happy. Like SA13 1L- in this case. Would that suit everyone?
I just get frustrated sometimes when location is not accurate enough, it can mean 30 minutes travel time differences.
Look at Olivia Louise in SA10.
I mean Swansea Bay Golf Club and Dyffryn Cellwen are not exactly the same place !!  ;)

Anyway, talking about reviews, I can add quite a few more of them but they would date to before I joined UKPunting. Let me know if you want them. :drinks:

Crack on Hotmat all reviews are appreciated by fellow punters to have an insight into what might occur if they take the plunge.

Online Redevil86

Carry on, just be sure the girl is still working, otherwise no point, and just be discreet. Job done.

Hotmat, thanks for the review. Bit concerning, but really useful to get everyone's personal experiences. Keep them coming. I've written reviews myself on meets which pre-dated my membership here

I'm still going to meet JB very soon and make my own mind up. Will report back asap

Offline Paulsenis

Excellent review, I've stated on another review of this girl on here of similar experiences I encountered with this girl (long before I became a member of UKP, hence no review)
Agree she does have a good following on here and yes her service in particular her BJ were of very high quality but she looked very rough in my opinion.
I'm no looker myself granted but when you are being paid in this sort of industry I would expect a girl to make more effort with her appearance which when I saw Jesse b  she did not.
Also agree with the 2 dogs barking and also there was a clear stink of ' rasta fags'in the flat.

Online Redevil86

I have said good things about j b , I've met her twice, over a year ago in Newport, that was the one where my knees totally went due to the blow job, sex was good too, no anal, did't ask, she was friendly and to be honest wanted me to fuck her a lot more vigorously than I did, but I don't as i'd cum in 5 mins, like to pace it more, plus I look for something different in a meet, but all in all enjoyed the hour, my second meet was with a fellow punter from here who asked me ( via e-mail ) if I'd do a mmf with him which after a drink etc he arranged the 3sum with j b, it was fine , she is a trooper so to speak and was game for anal , D P , D T , cim, swallow, + lots more, don't get me wrong she is totally different to what I normally book, I had no issue with smoke of any type, I've never smoked and would have noticed if present at my meets, it's a major hate of mine, had no issues with smells down below, she has had dental problems which we talked about during the 3sum, ( not her front teeth ) and she is considering implants, if I was her I'd have it done sooner rather than later,  have no reason to disbelieve any of the comments previous, and I can understand the above review, I can only speak of my fleeting encounters with her which were fine, hope G P has a good experience with her, but having read what's been said I'd imagine he's not knowing what to expect !
« Last Edit: September 08, 2016, 09:15:03 PM by Redevil86 »

Thanks Red. I'm still planing to see JB and had hoped to have met her by now. Unfortunately I'm away with work a lot at present and our dairies couldn't mesh. Next week is as bad so it may be late Sept before I can report back

Accepting the adverse commentary, the reason I'm still keen to see her is this. I love passion and enthusiasm. And everyone seems to agree she provides that. And she also appears to be genuine and a good laugh. Poor hygiene would be the big red flag for me. But, presuming JB is still reading these threads I'm sure she is buffing her pussy until it glistens  :)

Offline HitnMiss

The smelly pussy is enough for me to take her off my hot list
Banning reason: Allegations against another punter for posting negative review

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