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Author Topic: Choice of 3  (Read 458 times)

Offline HitnMiss

There are 3 girls on my hot list and I can't choose which one to see this week


Georgeous Alice

Sweet Amy

Probably between the top 2 unless you know different

All advice appreciated

Could someone please tell me how to pot the link as cut and paste hasn't worked

Banning reason: Allegations against another punter for posting negative review

Offline radman67

I saw Sweet Amy when she was in Cheltenham, well worth it  :cool:

Offline Redevil86

Seen Alice and Amy in the last few weeks , both nice girls, but difficult for me to judge as I keep comparing  to my regs , who obviously I see more often, which is not fair on them ( Alice and Amy ) but recommend both, Amy up for anal, don't know if that swings it for you, she also has a fuller figure ( not fat ) and very large pussy lips , nice ! not seen pussy cat 4 you obviously ?

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