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Author Topic: Punting in Bratislave  (Read 554 times)

Just wondering if anyone has been here recently?

I am going in a couple of weeks, and wanted to see if it was worthwhile to have a punt? I have been looking at some websites, and the standard seems to be 500 euro for 3 hours :wackogirl:! Not sure if this is a touristy trap.

I've not been to Bratislava, so not looked up any agencies in the city, but the prices you quote are ludicrous for that part of the world. My suggestion is that you search for agencies based in Prague, who will be able to arrange a companion for you, as they have girls based in Slovakia. For a trip of 4-5 days, the cost will average out at more like €500 per 24 hours, and you'll have a tour guide to show you around.   

Offline Golovkin

I went a couple of years back went to a brothel and had a punt there. It was quite good unfortunately cant remember its name! It was a bar with quite a few rooms in the upstairs they where attic rooms really low ceilings. Couldnt stand upright in the rooms. But I remember it being quite cheap and all the girls where fit. Just get in a taxi and ask them to take you to a brothel.

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