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Author Topic: £80/hr punt recommendations?  (Read 1501 times)

Offline OmgAddict

Any recommendations for punts at the £80/hr mark?

I'll start with:

NicoleBaby, https://www.adultwork.com/1544116

She's a 39 year old according to her profile, probably older, who knows, but she is one of the better punts in my experience. She's Hungarian and quite attractive for her age, definitely a great MILF. Great kisser and does pretty much most of the things you'd want, GFE, DFK, OWO, CIM. Great VFM IMO. Oh and when it comes to OWO, she is pretty much amazing and knows what she's doing unlike most girls I've seen who weren't bad but not really comparable to the way she handles it.
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Offline riker

Overpriced, should only be £60 ph.

Offline OmgAddict

Overpriced, should only be £60 ph.

Yeah I can agree with that one. Hence I never went back even though it was great.

Offline tom269u001

Despite the OP being banned, I've seen the girl twice and had a great time.

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