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Author Topic: Angellory, Fulham Broadway - A happy Romanian!  (Read 893 times)

24 review(s) for angellory (19 positive, 1 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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https://www.adultwork.com/3010844 or https://www.adultwork.com/angellory

Most of the Romanian escorts that I've seen have been pretty poor, hence my reservations about booking them.
Annabelle in Northolt was okay when she was fresh and starting out, while the (now disappeared) Katie in Wembley provided a decent service but let herself down by repeatedly answering the phone during the booking.
The other 15 or so have been dreadful.

Some decent reviews on here persuaded to make what was a near 3hr round-trip and drive farther into London than I have before (hopefully no tickets coming my way for minor traffic violations) to see Lory. So thanks to all those who have previously reviewed her.

I'm glad I did. In fact, this is the second positive review of a Romanian in Fulham today!

Made by text in this instance (possibly because she was busy) but took my call for the house number.
After some previous comments on here about flaky comms, I confirmed booking an hour before and made sure I had a healthy number of escorts' tel. nos. in my phone in case of Plan B.

Basement flat 5mins walk from Fulham Broadway tube station. While it's a main road, it's also a residential street so not many people walking around and it's fairly discreet.
There is on-street parking on the road and side streets - £2.80ph during applicable hours.
Mon-Fri: P&D from 9am-6.30pm, residents only from 6.30-8pm.
Sat: P&D from 9am-2pm and 4-6.30pm, residents only 2-4pm and 6.30-8pm.

Shower and toilet were reasonable.

Stunning - 9/10, in my opinion. She is slim with small tits but they fit in with the rest of the body and general look as that of an East European model.
Lory does have a few tattoos on her body but nothing off-putting.
Some of her profile pictures look nothing like her; they seem to be of a totally different girl. She had red hair but that's now growing out and is now to the tips of her hair, which she has scraped and tied back.
This profile picture is by far the closest to what she looks like.

During the booking process, Lory called me "bb" every text (not a good start) and during the meeting she kept saying "oooh baby" or "okay baby" as many Romanian escorts seem to do. Because Lory was so nice, I didn't find it that annoying.
Despite the "bb", she does speak very good English.
I had a decent chat with her during the punt and got on very well with her. Plus, unlike some Romanians, she did seem genuinely quite happy!
Also, unlike with most Romanians, there was no phone evident during the entire punt, so I did feel her attention was entirely on for the hour (well, 55mins) I was there.

As I had an idea about what she offered from a number of previous reviews and was paying £100ph, I hadn't bothered to clarify services. She did ask at the start: "what do you like, baby?".

FK - Some tongue but nowhere near DFK. She is happy to FK when you lead but was slightly reluctant to do so during sex.
She does smoke quite a lot, which one can tell very slightly occasionally during kissing but it's nothing off-putting.

OWO - Not particularly deep with little variety and no eye contact, with head turned away. She was using too much hand until I stopped her.
I was hoping for CIM in the 1st round, but it wasn't working for me, so I opted for sex. She said she would have been okay with CIM, backed up by previous reviews.

Sex - Cowgirl (1st round) and mish (2nd round) were nice enough with some FK.
However, the big surprise was the fantastic eye contact during sex, which one very rarely gets with escorts.

RO - This is largely an act on her part with the obligatory "ooh babys". You will be doing very well to get her to cum, but as she says bluntly: "I fuck every day, baby".
Lory allows fingering on the outside, not internally. We also indulged in 69.

Facesitting - This was a particular highlight. Me looking up at her while her pussy was clamped on my mouth, and her looking back down at me while playing with her nipples! :wacko:

HJ - Good. Combination of FK and HJ got me hard enough for a second round after a false start when John Thomas went to sleep before entry.

Massage - Decent amateur effort.

While the standard of FK and OWO were not particularly special, and the sex could at times could have been slightly more enthusiastic and involved, this was a reasonable punt at £100, particularly as I got on pretty well with Lory.
We had a good chat after second round and on 55mins she tapped my leg and said: "Time to get ready, baby"

I will return at some point and if others take on board the above, then I would recommend.
Just don't say you're an "accountant" though. My little lie when escorts ask this pointless question often meets a glazed look but at the end, Lory called my bluff by asking me advice on going self-employed! :scare:
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24 review(s) found for angellory linked to in above post (19 positive, 1 neutral, 4 negative)

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