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7 review(s) for someonesomwhere (3 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline dan10928


Read a few mixed reviews but decided to try my luck as her pictures are hot AF. She has an instagram page which is accurate, now made private unfortunately.


- Best body I have fucked (albeit tits are probs just a tad too big compared to the body).
- So hot i need to mention it again but the body. Soft skin, no fat but not anorexic slim. very cute ass.
- decent apartment. decent shower with lots of shower products. comfortable bed
- OWO. A very slow technique which I enjoyed
- Wore outfit requested

Cons (I'll try to keep it short, dont want to waste anymore of my life on this chick):

- Shady comms. Initially good via ADW and text. Called her the evening before to confirm services and all is good. Continue to message her that evening regarding outfits and all of a sudden, she no longer offers DFK OWO but just dinner dates. Suggests we cancel if I was sex. Confused AF by this point. Suggest comms via ADW which she agrees to, apparantly she was round her mums. Sex back on. Confirmed DFK, OWO and multiple cums.

- Absolute dog sht of a DFK.

- Went onto her phone twice during action.

- Had a shower beforehand, balls silky smooth. Asked her if she could lick my balls and bitch went cray. Went off on one for about 5 mins saying she aint that type of girl and she normally just offers dinner dates. Continues to say I should just leave and she will refund me. Shes naked in front of me and the little guy wants to carry on so I stupidly apologise and persuade to carry on. She goes from crazy bitch to sweet gentle girl in an instance. She did seem a bit fucked up in the end.

- Went crazy again after I suggested 69. She dont do 69. Dodged a bullet there. Pulled out after doggy to unleash a fishy smell.

- Lazy as fuck. Would only do missionary.

- Paid 200 for 1 hour. Popped after 30mins. Straight onto the phone and said she was going to have lunch with a friend. Bitch wanted to keep the 200. Got her down to 140 for 30mins.

Learnt a valuable lesson. Not all about the body.

7 review(s) found for someonesomwhere linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

She is a nut job for sure, I had a great punt with her, agreed to organise a follow up threesome with her and her mate, left with a deep French kiss and hug with her naked under a fur coat, 24 hours later she was accusing me of intimidating her, not answering calls or texts and deleting all emails!

Offline Cunning Punt

Now up to £250ph!  :angry:

Sounds a lazy, crazy bitch who wants to fleece blokes of money without actually doing any work. She's trying to use her looks and body as her meal ticket - literally.

She should not be on AW, but on one of those posh websites where girls offer to accompany chaps who have more money than sense on dinner dates.

To be honest, when she said she no longer did DFK or OWO when trying to book her, most of us would have knocked it on the head then and not persevered.

At least you got some money off her, but sounds shit. Just proves once again that price has no correlation to quality of service.
(I'm sure Don has a macro of that phrase or similar somewhere!)

Thanks for the warning.
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Offline dan10928

ye she needs to decide what she is actually offering. She made out like I was lucky to fuck her as she has a boyfriend.
But clearly she offers a full service as Yeboahsleftfoot mentioned.

ye she needs to decide what she is actually offering. She made out like I was lucky to fuck her as she has a boyfriend.
But clearly she offers a full service as Yeboahsleftfoot mentioned.

Imagine that body with Ameera's attitude and service....

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