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Author Topic: Katykaty927  (Read 808 times)

Offline cocomac0

I'm really interested in this girl on viva street and other websites. Problem is she has lots of different accounts so i wonder if she's real or not.

Anyone got any experience of her?

She seems like a lovely chubby girl, which is what i like, really nice big boobs, big bum, not the prettiest but i like that too.

Is she real?

not the prettiest but i like that too.

So you like paying money to fuck ugly women?  :dash:

Is this because you shag so many stunning birds for free in your daily life, or just some strange fetish?  :crazy: :wacko:

Offline cocomac0

Ha  :D......... well ugly's putting it a bit far.

Only one girl i get to smash in real life but she's a little bit married. she's pretty hot tho. am sure u'd give her a smash too

i wouldn't want to go for some stunner paying for sex........ would probably feel she's out of my league and be a bit put off by that. I'd go for a happy medium, she fits that for me

Tho looks like am not going to get much of an answer from anyone.

someone on this site must have gone with her tho!!

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