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Author Topic: Nina Massage - Bristol  (Read 946 times)

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This was before she left on holiday again....

It's been a while since Nina was here and I had been hunting for a decent massage over the last month or so, with little success, so I was very hapy to hear Nina was back for a while.

Her number hadn't changed, so I sent a txt, got a prompt reply and we agreed a time for a 90 min massage.

Good directions by her had me to her new apartment in the city center early. Quick txt and she asked me to wait 3 mins whilst she got ready. I was near a bus stop so didn't look too out of place, and it was a nice day, so not a problem for me. Right on time she buzzed me up.

For anyone who went to her old place, this one is way nicer. I believe she shares with another girl whose name escapes me.

Met at the door by Nina in shorts and top that really showed off her fabulous figure. Oh how I wish she offered more than massage!

Anyhoo, I stripped, showered and as I came back into the room, Nina surprised me by asking if I wanted 2  Lingam again this time. I had only viited her once before but she apparently keeps detailed notes on what her guests enjoy....

I was far too polite to say no, so we started on my back and oil was applied...You can guess the rest Im sure. Her technique is excellent. Bit of edging on the way. som touching/fondling is allowed but her underwear (top and bottom) stays on. Just fyi. Pop 1 done and I flip.

The massage was excellent. She takes direction well and there is enough convo to keep it friendly and not impersonal, whilst she doesn't talk your ears off either so you can relax.

Flip again and it starts to get sensual once more. She takes her time and builds the moment. Pop 2 was every bit as enjoyable as the first.

Her rates are excellent and I will deffo be back.

Later TLSF  :cool:

15 review(s) found for Little Nina Masseuse linked to in above post (15 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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