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Author Topic: Amber, Milton Keynes Escorts  (Read 2054 times)

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Offline Mike_60



The new location near Bletchley.

Not quite as convenient as the old location in central MK, and a bit more conspicuous as to where you are going.

Large top floor room - watch you head on the low stairways!


Booked the day before, and got the time I wanted, but it was the only slot available, as she was booked up for the rest of the day. Obviously a popular girl, and when I arrived I had to wait five minutes for her to come in (but still got the full time).


When she walked through the door, I though good grief, you are young. Young enough that she would get asked for ID if trying to buy a drink in a pub.

Pretty girl with a few freckles, and slightly thinner than I had expected from the photos on the web site with small size B tits. No tattoos.


I was looking for OWO with a CIM finish and some RO and protected sex in between, and Amber delivered.

The experience

I saw Amber about a month ago, so things may have changed since then.

From walking in to when I left at the end, and throughout the action, she seemed very new and uncertain with me taking the lead. Certainly not the assertive style you get from the more experienced girls.

After getting the paperwork out of the way, I quickly got her down on her knees with my cock in her mouth (I love being able to walk in from the street, say hello to a girl, and within a minute having her suck my dick). She was pretty good, not exceptionally deep, but not just sucking the end.

Moved into 69 for a while, before covered sex in various positions - all the time I was needing to direct the action. A couple of times when I touched her nipples gently she mentioned that they were sensitive.

I wanted to finished off with CIM, so off with the condom and got her kneeling in front of me whilst I stood. She specifically asked me not to come on her face, but seemed happy with me holding her head to help the rhythm whilst she sucked my cock. I finished whilst my cock was deep in her mouth. Didn't swallow, but that wasn't on offer.


Beautiful girl, but slightly too young and inexperienced, and I almost felt guilty for taking advantage of her.

On the other hand a beautiful girl who sucks cock well and takes a load in the mouth.

Offline vt

I've seen Amber a couple of times now, my thoughts are very similar to yours. Sufficient time has now passed to do my own review.

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks to you both for your reviews.

Two reviews of a decent young escort and two more from the HOD group in MK.  :thumbsup:

It's rare to have a good-looking teen who does FK+OWO+CIM+has great attitude. Hopefully she'll be on the weekend rota sometime soon.

Gone? I dont see her on the site.

Hmmm, she was on the schedule last week.  Maybe she is going indy?

I tried to book her once and the maid said "Amber is very popular and you need to book 3-4 days in advance to have any chance of getting time with her".

It looks like she's gone from MKE/HOD - but her pics have appeared on Hamiltons. Quite a different price point, but I'm considering saving up!

£250 an hour .... no thanks.  There are plenty of better options.  Shame she didn't just go Indy as I bet she would have been £120 an hour but pocketing more money as she wouldn't have the MKE/HOD overhead to support.  Good luck to her if she can get £250 an hour though.

Offline DannyJames

I wouldn't pay £250 an hour for anyone and definitely not for someone with two very ordinary photos and no face.

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