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Author Topic: Classy Chloe xxx  (Read 1580 times)

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Offline jstrongerrrrr

Location W14
90 mins/£170

It has been three months in the making but I finally got to see Chloe yesterday and it was a superb vanilla GFE punt. It is stated on her profile that Chloe does this part time and sees one or two clients a week, as a result it made organising an appointment a little tricky, but once I established contact comms were great and having returned from holiday on Friday I was determined to pay her a visit for a session that focused on oil play and mutual massage.
Before I continue I have to state that I have a thing for massage, giving a long oily massage with a beautiful writhing body beneath my hands is a major turn on and to my delight Chloe was really into the whole session which I will get to shortly. Firstly her flat is a one bed studio close to Barons Court, its clean and serviceable, nice shower and main room is fine. Chloe has some face pics in her PG on AW and she is very friendly, giggly, chatty and attractive in a girl next door kind of way. I think she looks like Samantha Morton and she's a little curvy which I like with a great bum and lovely tits. She was wearing a little tight back dress with bra showing and admitted that she has normal lingerie and doesn't own any uniforms owing to the fact she's a normal girl doing this for a bit of money on the side.
So I shower, back to the room we snog, she's a nice kisser with light FK. She confirms she used to be a masseuse in a spa and finds the whole thing a major turn on and admits she used to offer happy endings on the account that she gets so turned on. Her massage was lovely with me lying on my front, I encouraged her to use more oil lots of cc swipes, exterior anal play and light rimming, body to body with those lovely breasts rubbing my back. She sat on my lower back and ground her pussy up and down, I reached behind and started to rub her pussy which was absolutely sopping wet - she almost came within seconds of me touching her - I could literally feel her shudder. 
We switched roles and I began a thorough 30 minute oily massage with Chloe lying face down with a pillow below her navel to raise up her pert bottom. I basically oiled up her back, legs, bottom and finally pussy, every now and then lightly licking her pussy and around her ass, lots of pussy swipes, a gentle finger inside then back to other parts of her body....basically she was putty in my hands and came close to orgasm several times. I flipped her over and massaged her front, those gorgeous breasts, more oil on pussy, thighs, lots of fingering and RO before she came like an absolute train. After recovering, her muscles convulsed for around a minute, she said that was the first time she had come in ages - and said she rarely orgasms with clients as they aren't so interested in a long build up. She pounced on my cock, which was dripping with pre cum and gave amazing OWO, heavy suction lots of spit and basically hoovers it in. She starts slow and gentle and goes deeper and quicker and in no time I was fucking her mouth almost to the point of climax. We put on a condom and she hopped on and snogged my face off while riding me in a frenzied fashion. Her pussy was tight yet absolutely soaking wet and after a few minutes I came hard.
We lay there chatting for the next 10 mins and she was in absolutely no rush to get me out the door, basically felt like a normal sexual experience rather than a monetary exchange and after a shower and saying my goodbyes I saw that we had run a good 30 minutes overtime.
So to conclude the session was a fun oily vanilla GFE - if you're looking for cim, anal, use this is definitely not for you - if you would like something more intimate and normal then I would highly recommend Chloe's services.
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11 review(s) found for  Classy CHLOE xxx linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline tristen92

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Cheers mate nice review! I like to give them a bit of a massage between rounds too just to keep them warm! Will keep an eye on this one!

Had her on my hl for ages, but i just googled Samantha Morton and after that I will have to take her off. Thanks very much. Picture paints a 1000 words.

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