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Author Topic: MeganBlack - E1 London  (Read 1168 times)

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Time: 1Hr "greedy boy" service (£200)

Comms: Ok, phoned the number on the profile, no answer got immediate message to text back. Everything arranged by text.

Location: Arrived at the address near Aldgate East 5 mins before arranged time, at which point she text me saying ten mins. Went for a walk around the block and got text to ring her 10 mins later, got directions to the private apartment clear and easy discrete access of the main road.

Room was ok, kind of smallish, clean but a bit bare. Sheets felt pretty cheap/old, reckon she must have a shit ton to accommodate all the punters that revolve through the door. Would like to have made use of a mirror if there was one in there but didn't think to look hard enough but there wasn't one in an obvious position that made me think to make use of it.

Meet/intro impressions: Dressed in a nice red piece of lingerie which hung off her boobs. Didn't have any knickers on. Extremely long red finger nails which seemed a bit weird but I could dig it enough (and was aware of them from her pictures). Climbed into red platform heels and had matching red lipstick on. Had hoop earings and hair tied back as requested. Body ok/fine, I don't notice so much unless its absolutely insane (or a particular type that sets me off anyway) but the reason I chose to book an appointment was 1) how filthy she sounded on her profile and 2) how pretty her face was. Not disappointed with the face at all, just my type she is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion. Didn't have too much make up on (no fake eyelashes as in pictures) which is just as well because a girl with a face like hers I can't keep my lips off her so don't want to taste of load of cake in my mouth. She had a nice friendly attitude, nice soft Midlands accent which I liked.

She took the paper out of the door and asked me to undress. When she came back she asked what I wanted to go down, which I repeated from what we had arranged by text. Wasn;t sure what to expect as on her profile she says she likes to be dom. She began by taking charge and sprang into action to go down on me/started wanking me off but I requested she slow down a bit. I normally prefer the girl as sub and she did ok at letting me do my thing though I wasn't particularly going for it. Was more of a GFE than PSE in atmosphere.

Action: Began with a bit of foreplay and oral o/w and RO. Didn't seem like the freshest pussy but clean and got her wet. Went into protected mish, had a few days saved up and provided a huge load for the first pop about half way through. Good attitude to my overzealous kissing as didn't take my lips off her as aforementioned. As mentioned in other review she's good with balls, touches real nice and sent shivers down my spine. After first round got a massage and chatted until ready to go again. Definitely not a deepthroat queen although does do a nice bj so more of that. Did a bit of anal play with some coconut oil, lovely asshole which I enjoyed fingering and poking with my tongue. Unfortunately when I requested that I go inside her again she searched the draw for more condoms but was all out. Very disappointing as loved the first round in mish and wanted again, as well as anal penetration. Alas it couldn't happen.

Spent the rest of the time trying to come a second time, with more bj etc. and was really struggling. Right at the end I did a CIM/come on face.

At one point I got her to take her bra off with the intension of checking out and playing more with her tits but they never appeared fully from under her neglige. I had forgotten about them until the end and didn't realise so didn't get the opportunity. Hadn't seen the comments on here before I went but understand why she may have wanted to keep them hidden if they're as previously described.

I was thinking I had started on the hour and having clocked the time on her phone was thinking my time was up and getting warey that I should be going. Would have liked to have rested on the bed for ten rather than 2 mins but went and had a shower and cleaned up. Not the best toiletries selection available (had to squeeze out the last of the Lynx "for her" from its bottle..). Got dressed and left.

Overall I did have an enjoyable experience due to her face and good attitude, and as a result my balls are well and truly drained. Ultimately however the service didn't match the a premium price tag in a few key respects hence the neutral.

https://www.adultwork.com/2171125 or https://www.adultwork.com/MeganBlack

3 review(s) found for kinkyenglishstunner linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

That sounds really disappointing for £200!

I do agree she has a very pretty face though

Offline Jerboa

Oh that old chestnut, no more condoms eh? That's why I always have a couple on me.

Online The_Don

Oh that old chestnut, no more condoms eh? That's why I always have a couple on me.

Indeed, I always carry some in my punting bag.

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