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Author Topic: Punting Cherry Popped, and a Thanks to this forum  (Read 1603 times)

Offline zigzag

Just completed my first punt! Been checking all the info on here i could read over the last 3/4 weeks, in fact I've been obsessed with the subject to the point of not doing anything else when I get in from work, am single fortunately so don't have to hide it from OH.
can't believe how nervous I was about contacting the girl, or how exited and horny I felt once the meet was arranged, and there was me worried if i could get it up for a WG!
To any other new members reading this I strongly advise you not to rush into a first punt, use this forum its packed with good advice! Read the reviews daily (and as much of the other posts as you can).
To the regular members, thanks for the hundreds of pages I've read here it's a real eye opener especially the tales of punts that have gone awry, it's those stories that made me wait so long before taking the plunge!

Offline od13218

Glad you got something out of the forum- don't forget to write a review so others in turn can benefit from your experience!

Online OakTree

I've been obsessed with the subject to the point of not doing anything else when I get in from work,

I'd like to tell you that initial exuberance and ridiculous amount of time spent thinking, planning and plotting will level out. Unfortunately if your libido is still strong then it's unlikely to be the case. I myself have a very rampant sex drive and over the years have spent an inordinate amount of time (and money) around this pastime. I often wondered if I'd spent the same time and effort into my career or a more worthwhile pastime, where would I be now? I'm sure I'd be quite rich and successful. I've got no complaints though, I love fucking, plain and simple.

I look forward to your review.

Glad you got something out of the forum- don't forget to write a review so others in turn can benefit from your experience!

Offline zigzag

Oh no, I thought it took so long cos I wanted to make sure my first time was a memorable experience!  Didn't realise how rampant my libido is, must be the 9 years of " oh it's been about 3 months you'd better jump on and jig about for 10 mins if you must" !
Also I've read about leaving a meet with a silly grin, is it usual to arrive at your first punt with one?! Well onward and hopefully upward got to spend a few weeks planning the next one!

welcome to the forum, and thanks for your first review.

Your enthusiasm may start to wane the first time you encounter a smelly pussy/indifferent service/a munter who bears no relation to her pictures etc etc. but by using this site you can hopefully choose wisely.

Good luck to you.

Offline zigzag

Thanks for the welcome, I've already avoided a few mistakes with the help of the reviews on here, am glad I found this forum before I booked my first punt it would have been a disappointment at the least and a disaster at the worst! Some of the WG I originally hot listed gave bad service or the punter had a B & S done on them. Just shows how careful you have to be, I naively first thought find a girl you fancy, book her, have great sex with her and then do it again! At the risk of sounding like a broken record this forum is a goldmine of info and I for one am grateful to the other more experienced members for the help!

Wish I could afford to punt more often but will be sure to review any girls I do meet as some small repayment

Welcome to the forum.  This forum has been invaluable to me since I joined too.

Welcome to the forum, some would say its a brave move choosing a Romanian as your first punt but looks like you picked a good one, she looks stunning in the pics.
Now you need to go back and give her a good seeing to next time :D

Jenny has moved up my hotlist now!

Offline zigzag

It would have been brave but for this forum, I could find only positive glowing reviews of this girl so it seemed an obvious choice. Shows that it is worth doing a review even if there are already some here it reinforces the good ones and highlights ones to avoid!

Offline manc36

Good stuff. Wish I was knew about this site when I was at my punting peak. A lot of good info on here.

Well i am still at the looking/browsing at any spare moment option. I'm at the stage where everything is in place now but all i need to do is decide on who for my first punt. I find a few likely candidates on AW then look here for reviews, if anything other than more than one positive or none available then i bin them. Problem is that i still hav'nt found one that ticks all the boxes. Think i will have to widen my search a little.
Great to read a positive review for a first run :thumbsup:

Offline zigzag

My problem now will be coping with the inevitable bad punt,  reading the reviews here it's only a matter of time! Got some unfinished business with Jenny but keen to find another good one,  fingers crossed! 

Offline Jimmyredcab

If you continue to see Romanians you will come severely unstuck ------------ it's just a matter of time.    :thumbsdown:

Offline zigzag

I can see that didn't mean another good Rom,  just a good WG

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