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Author Topic: Suki - Blue Ice Babes  (Read 997 times)

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Offline Spectre


Been learning from this website for few months now, about time to contribute. Fairly new to punting.

Following few discussionthreads over last week or so, decided to visit Erotic Studios or Blue Ice Babes last evening as I was in the neighbourhood.

First visited Erotic Studio but did not fancy either Paris or Jamilia. Was put off my Jamilias teeth ( no offence to those who like her services)

So, walked and visited Blue Ice round the corner. Was shown Sasha and Suki. Thought of going ahead with Sasha but the hostess said Sasha had a booking in 30 mins (probably she was trying to push Suki). So Suki it was. It turned out to be the best punt of the few I hav had so far.

Suki has tiny pert tits but I like them as well as bigger ones. Sweet pussy beautiful hair silky smooth skin. She very actively participated in the action that followed. Services availed - OWO, RO, sex in different positions. Total £60 for 30 mins and 10£ for OWO - i wonder if OWO is included in the price though!!

The hostess was pleasant and room was ok. Positive was the room had big mirrors to watch ourselves in action. Suki seemed to enjoy the session. I would not dare take the credit though. 

I liked the experience here compared to twice when I was at AYS - once with Victoria and once with Amba. I would rate them neutral compared to Suki. Again, no offences to those who prefer AYS. As I said i am fairly new to the scene and may be yet to form good opinion.

Offline Juankerr

Thanks for the review Spectre  :hi:

Suki has been on my 'to do' list for age's, must do something about that.

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