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Author Topic: Kendall of Leeds  (Read 1105 times)

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Offline rafa


I have seen Kendall before so a 40 minute meeting was arranged at a very short notice. I made my way to the docks area and once parked called again to get the flat number.

Once outside the flat, I gave a gentle knock and the door was answered by Kendall in a very skimpy outfit with her tits busting out of it. They are magnificent, if you are a boob man you need to see her. Kendall is a pretty and very busty alternative looking size 14 girl. Once inside, I received a welcome kiss and was shown my way to the bedroom. She offered a drink and I asked for water and headed for shower whilst she was sorting it.

I came back to the room with just a towel around my waist and we started full on French kissing whilst stood in the middle of the room. This carried on for few minutes and I somehow managed to sit on the chair to allow Kendall to move on to OWO. She is pretty good at it, varying her speed, lots of spitting in between and using her tits very sexpertly.

Then she moved on to tit wank it was so good that I could feel myself getting closer to the edge, so requested a condom. We started with doggy with Kendall stood and leaning over the bed for support, whilst I took her from behind. She has got a good ass - very firm. Then we moved onto missionary with lots of kissing and paying with her tits whilst I was inside her. I then requested to get back to chair for more oral and finally finished with another tit wank. I have to say it was the best tit wank that I have had and I will probably go back again just for that.

The first round was done and so I had some water and requested a massage before I could get ready for round two. She gave me a good back massage which I needed, due to the gym and sports that I do. I turned over and Kendall took the hint, so she went down to give me more oral. I was rock hard in no time. I asked her to put the condom on and get on top. We carried on in cowgirl position for a while with lots of kissing and playing with her tits. They pretty firm as well. I was cautious of the time so moved to doggy and finished in that position.

So, after a quick scrub and a goodbye kiss, I made my way to the car park with a big smile on my face.

I would highly recommend her if you are willing to try someone with alternative look and curves.

11 review(s) found for xKendallx linked to in above post (10 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline mrfishyfoo

Cheers for the review fella.  :drinks:

She's a right lovely lass is what she is.  :thumbsup:

Offline rafa

She is I have put her on my repeat list  :)

Offline stevedave

Good review, thank you.

One of Leeds very finest in my opinion! I'd see her more often but am worried that I'd not be able to stop myself going back over and over  :lol: she's very much my kinda girl, so sadly just an occasional treat to myself!

+1 she isn't my usual type, slightly bigger than I usually go for but is a cracking punt.

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