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Author Topic: Recomendations for b2b massage  (Read 954 times)

I would like to have a b2b massage with one or two girls. For me the visual part is as important as a good massage so i'm looking for a massage were there is plenty to see. For instance i would love to see a girl sliding over my body in reverse so that I can admire her, preferably fully shaved, pussy.

As for the girl I would like her to be be european, young, with a normal breast size. I would also love to start the session with a little extra such as a striptease show.

Any recommendations where I can find this? Are there parlours that provide this. I saw Kiss massage but I can't find any good reviews on them.

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Offline Monsieur69

You can get this type of service all over London. Naked B2B with sliding but I have never heard of striptease being offered as most of the ladies consider themselves to be masseuses not strippers! You will pay £80-£120 per hour. So if you want 2 ladies or 4 hands as it is known you will pay up to double this. If you go for Nuru which is sliding with a seaweed based gel the price will be higher and the service will take place on a lilo or similar. There are many reviews on here for B2B with happy ending.
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