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Author Topic: Perth / Leona  (Read 759 times)

Offline MrSteven


Anyone any experience of Leona...?

Need to get out of Dundee.........

FFS, Mr. Steven, you really like this; she's 52. Time she hung up her granny pants, no?
Besides, in punting terms, the best thing about Perth is Edinburgh (it's nearer than Dundee).

Offline MrSteven

Variety is the spice of life and she`s got big tits.
And Edinburgh`s a bit too far on a work day.
And Dundee really is so bad that she looks ok ...!

 Guess if I were punting in Dundee, I'd try Ashley Morgan who gets good write ups on here and looks cracking on her AW profile. And she's not in her fifth decade of life!

Yes, Sparrow, I did wonder about that. You are correct...

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