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Author Topic: Info on Pretty Nicole - Wembley, Harrow  (Read 971 times)

Offline bm_99

Hey all just wondering if there is any info on the following girl:


Reviews do look good and tbh she does look pretty good, but latest review was 20/12/12. I'll also email her anyway but would love any feedback

Cheers, all

Online James999

Well her hands and around her mouth confirm she's a lot older than her stated age (27  :lol::hi:

Offline bm_99

Brilliant cheers mate, not sure that it bothers me how old she is (as long as she looks young lol). probably looks around the 35-38 mark no??

Just recived an email back from her telling me her postcode and that she would charge £10 extra for watersports if needed in the bathroom

Had a read of steves thread in which he said you could finger he ass but she didnt say anything about that might email her back on that.

So far she looks better than mariann (another hungarian im looking at)

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