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    Author Topic: Aurora Model - Aberdeen  (Read 1026 times)

    2 review(s) for Aurora Model (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

    Offline Agent_P

    [[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]
    (she's also no ES - stunnig pics!)

    I'm not sure if this supposed to be a positive or neutral but give the austerity season in Abz this is a POSITIVE!

    I decided to give a her go since I found a neutral review from a fellow punter in Glasgow and amazing pics..... not cheap but can't complain these days as there is no choice  in Abz these days!

    So to start with, good comms via txt msgs, got a slot same evening. (£150/hr) The flat was located in a quiet area of Rosemount - pretty unusual but suits me fine. The flat itself was pretty clean, cant complain.
    Arrived on time, gave her a ring to find out the exact address as only postcode given initially.... she was most probably busy and didnt answer the phone or txts for a few minutes. Then, she just txt the door number and "I'm ready".....

    The girl in the pics is definitely her! she is 35 but hot as fuck. got a kiss to start with, been offered a shower which I didn't need (showered at home half an hour before).  She took off her gown.... god what a body!!! She offered a massage which I took without hesitation to give me a few minutes to prepare and get the conversation going. She speaks reasonable english so no drama. The massage was pretty good - from my back to the every single toe.

    Then the action started, she undressed and started the OW (although she offered OWO before the meeting...). I haven't complained and let her get on with it - it was probably best OW I ever had! quite surprising actually it can be reasonably good with the rubber on.
    The tits are fantastic - done up but look amazing on her frame! :wacko:

    After the OW, we went through 69, on the top, back, classic... etc anything I wanted. She does everything you think about at the time and you dont need to ask - she can guess and she goes for it! she is very keen to please.... my balls were shiny straight after we finished 69.... :yahoo:
    The body is silky smooth and I loved the pussy - tight and tasty!
    ohhh one thing to note - she loves to kiss (FK) and she literally will eat you alive. for a change it was a little bit to far but I loved it anyway!

    After 20 minutes I had a shot and that was it. It's only a one shot game - should have booked 45min.

    Negatives? Well.... no OWO, not being ready on time and probably finishing someone else in hurry before seeing me, one shot only, telling me to keep quiet every couple of minutes - must had some neighbours issues I guess...?

    All in all, it was a very good punt. Extremely fit girl with fantastic tits, lots of tongue action and pleasing attitude!


    Offline sub_marine

    Nice one, I had dismissed her profile as B&S

    Offline bushman

    When I spoke to her on the phone she said "I don't do half hours and 2 shots an hour".

    She's a liar then.

    i also asked about a half hour and got told the same.
    agent-p, what like is her boobs ?
    they look bad in her photos, think i could have done a better job !  :lol:

    Offline TKovac

    Am I missing something was it a half hour booking? As you say price 150/hr.

    Either way Aberdeen must be really poor these days if this is a positive?  Negatives?

    10 years older than advertised
    Doesn't provide advertised services owo vs ow
    Poor time keeping
    Short changing on time (possibly by as much as 40 minutes  :scare:)
    Telling you to keep quiet

    Sounds at the best a neutral but 150 notes goes in the bin pile

    Offline Agent_P

    ok ok.... I was considering a negative! However the girl is really fit and has the right attitude. In the end I was happy with the meeting even though there were quite a few cons.
    It may be down to the overall lack of choice in Abz as well....

    It was an hour booking for £150.

    The boobs are very.... "stiff" ;) as the silicons usually are. I think they are perfect match for the frame!

    Offline TKovac

    Wait what!!!!!!!

    I thought you were joking when you said you paid £150 for 20 minutes . Christ man she literally did see you coming and you left it as a positive.

    On the up side you might get hoors streaming to granite city if they think that the market is that poor up north

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