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Offline jay07


Back after a few days away and had the urge for a massage.

Coms were good and straight forward and 1 hour arranged for later in the day.

Cost - £80 for 1 hour massage + £40 extra for full service. This isn't advertised on site and EMMY doesn't discuss this over the phone.

Location - Cardiff Bay,  around the corner from Red Dragon Centre.  Pay and display parking available nearby,  but this may be hard to get once school holidays are over.

Emmy opened the door and I was pleasantly surprised and taken back as she's very pretty. I didn't notice much else until we entered the room.  EMMY was wearing a lace see through dress and her nipples were poking through.

Money exchanged and the hot oil massage started.  It was actually very nice but too soft for my liking. I turned over and saw her boobs loose for the first time. Wow EMMY has fantastic set if tits with great nipples. A quick fondle and led her to giggle. She stated her boobs are sensitive.  Moved onto oral with condom,  which isn't bad.  It's not the best I've had,  but equally far from the worst.

I'm not the biggest of lads (down below)  but EMMY felt tight,  nice and tight.  I asked for kissing earlier and was told she doesn't FS only on lips with closed mouths.  This went out of the widow a few minutes in and she grabbed my face and started full on French kissing followed by licking the neck,  ear and back to more French kissing.

I hadn't had sex for a while so only lasted around 10 mins.  With time left over EMMY offered another much harder massage.

The pictures are accurate although they might be few years old, but she has a great body.

She stated she's only her until the end of next week and if I hadn't booked WelshKadice,  i would definitely visit again.

4 review(s) found for Emmy-2014 linked to in above post (1 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline jay07

There's a few word errors,  nappies instead of nipples. sorry it's the auto correct on my Dam phone.

Offline Corus Boy

Park in the Red Dragon Centre, when you return buy a coffee, get your parking validated, park for the price of a coffee.

Offline jay07

You could Park in Red Dragon,  it's only a five minute walk.  I think the minimum spend is now £5.

Thanks for the review, she looks very nice.

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