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Author Topic: Pinky - Thai Massage - Long Eaton  (Read 2917 times)

Hi, did anyone try Pinky- Thai Massage in Long Eaton as advertised on Gumtree ?


If yes, how is this lady in terms of looks, age, body and the service provided ?
« Last Edit: August 31, 2016, 04:35:10 PM by coolviking »

It's a different number to the one mentioned in a different thread.

I've also emailed to try and find where this place is to see if it's a different location, but had no joy.

Have you read the thread a bit further down, massage in Long eaton. I assumed it would be the same place but not sure as the numbers are different.... Detective work needed me thinks.

The other place is worth a visit. Does what it says in the tin, b2b massage with nice ending...

Done some digging on the way home and I think this place is opposite where Wimpy used to be, sunbed  and massage. I phoned and the woman answering sounded lovely and very welcoming. £70 I think for the hour inc HE.

I'm going to try and visit next week, make out I need a sunbed.... :-)

Please make sure you come back and write a review. I am not yet convinced she is as attractive as she sounds and she may be older than you'd like to think too.  :D :D

Oh god.... :yahoo:

M sure the woman who answered the phone said there were two girls there.....

Ha ha ha, best put mi trainers on just in case...

Offline twiglet

I've seen the girls (women and not that nice) going in there and to be honest I wouldn't go myself.

Watched by the pub opposite.

Many a time I have a laugh. 😀

Offline j122

I thought there was a raid there the other week as there were coppers outside. Turns out the old Indian restaurant next door had cannabis farm in there. 

Bloody hell, now you tell me... :lol:

I went yesterday. Pinky is lovely. I had a b2b massage, and a superb massage it was too. Finishing off with a happy ending for £60. Hard to tell her age, 30s maybe, but does have a fantastic body and arse... I prefer bigger boobs
 but you can't have everything.

Only downside is the shops bang next to the main road and pedestrian crossing and roundabout, although it does say sunbed as well. Just wack on some st Tropez.

I was comparing it to the other place in long eaton... Deffo a better massage, but preferred the HR at the other place, probably cos I was more horny I think.

But deffo worth a visit, only her in so dunno who else works there...

Thanks for the review. Is pinky slim, average or chubby? Tattoes or piercings? And did she allow some light touching along with her b2b?

So if you prefer slim ladies with hairy bush and not too busty would u think this one is better than the other one Nature Health Centre for a b2b with HR ?
« Last Edit: September 03, 2016, 03:08:14 PM by coolviking »

Yes, I'd say slim \petit. Great body, with a tattoo on her back. Great arse and small perky tits. Yes she allowed stroking during HR.

Younger than the lady at the other place. Pinky stood at the side and wanked me off whilst I was allowed to feel. At the other place the woman was up on the couch with me, if that makes sense.

Think I found the other place s bit more relaxing, but the massage was nowhere nr as good if that's one of the reason you are going...

Does she have a natural bush? For some reason I dont get turned on if the masseuse is either mature or chubby/very busty so i think i will always prefer the place with a slim younger lady even the service/massage would not be as good.  I have searched all over on the net and on this forum and it seems like it is hard to find what i am looking for in Notts. I am not after a full service, a full naked massage or a b2b with a very slim young girl and a HE by hand would be good enough for me.
« Last Edit: September 03, 2016, 09:01:40 PM by coolviking »

dropped in last night to try it out could only get regular massage £20 for half hour , little thai bird mid 30's had a good chat , good massage no happy ending she suggested i visit the other establishment at beeston but didnt fancy a 4 mile walk nursing a semi , now desperate for an empty so made a beeline for the studio which was locked up at 6.30 so gave it up as a bad job and went to pub

Offline j122

Is it still open, I've been past a cpl of times & it looks as though it's shut?

Tou should have gone to Green and Natural just round the corner, they would have finished you off... :D

I've not been to the Studio for yonks, last time was end of last summer I think. They always shut at about 5.30 ish I'm sure, 6.30 at the very latest....il see of the doors open next time I'm driving by...

Offline Iloveoral

Is it still open, I've been past a cpl of times & it looks as though it's shut?
Beeston is shut matey, long eaton is still open, it's the one with fairy lights as you come of the roundabout on the right

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