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Author Topic: Casablanca tips?  (Read 1997 times)

Offline nike

I do not speak French or Arabic, never hindered me, maybe ur coming across as desperate or even a bit "creepy."
  :lol: :lol: :lol:. I have a really good friend that speaks and can write most of the major languages in the world,  his first name is google and second is translate.  :hi: :hi: :hi::

I keep him with me 24/ 7. However u have to have them sat down with you first.  :unknown: :unknown: :unknown:
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Offline pharmer7

Yeahs I get what you mean, but I feel like since I was there myself and couldn't speak any language,  perhaps  wanassa just wasn't for me.
@nike - did you ever go to wanassa?
ideally wanted to just stay in the hotel bar but closes early and doesn't seem to have any girls there.
I'll give it one last shot

Offline nike

Been there once but always managed to pick up girls from bars. However it has been a long time since I've punted in Cassa.

Offline pharmer7

Yeah I'm going to hit the bars again, but I will avoid calypso or black house, I think they're full of hardcore wg's who just want to grab Money.

Offline pharmer7

Going to make a last go of it - hotel bar at mines is on the roof, but no WGs there , all customers so I'm off now. Anyone on tonight keep checking how I'm doing tonight.

Offline pharmer7

Ok in Diwan after a shouting match with a bunch of taxi drivers, long story.
Anyway in Diwan, few girls fucking awkward though. He made me sit in the middle!
A lot of guys here though, and some families?

Evening all,

So I have a 'Business' trip for next week in Casablanca, arriving Sunday Evening and leaving Thurs. I will be with clients during the day and I don't doubt that at least one evening will be some client shmoooozing however I am expecting at least one, possibly two evenings where I should be able to get an evening on my own.

As its on the company dime (cannot take the piss though) any suggestions of a decent Hotel with a bar that has known WG's in it? I take it of the deal is on then I may have to get a second room, can this be done at the time or do you just have to book it before hand and suck it up if if it goes bad?

Sounds like the Sheraton may be one to avoid. Otherwise I take it an outside bar girl with ID will work (if second room sorted).

Thanks for any help


Offline nike

U don't need to book room on advance, in fact to book the room, u will need the wgs id. As for hotels with bars, most hotels with bats or nightclubs attached, especially  the ones on the beach front ,  will have wgs. My experience of Cassa is a few years old, maybe someone else has more up to date  info?

Thanks for the info Nike, I have read the Epic and Legendary Morocco thread over the last three evenings..Yes all 99 pages (that's a lot of cocoa)! there was only two mentions about Casa but nothing to formally go on as it's mainly mentioning Agidir, Tanger and Kesh itself, hence why I posted my question. I was going to post in the Morroco thread then saw this one and thought a) better suited and b) Its pretty up to date albeit unfortunately for Pharmer I think he came across as very desperate and probably tried too hard. Sorry Pharmer I don't meant to offend you fella but that's how your posts came across!

I will scope out Casa and update all accordingly to further add to the knowledge base.  :thumbsup:

I have been a bit of a lurker for a while and love reading reviews of peoples exploits. As I have had the privilege of binge reading those 99 pages to see Toon go from apprehensive newbie Kesh punter to seasoned number hunter is awesome. It's been almost like watching a mini series hahahahaha!

The other thing I think became abundantly clear is it's a two way street on this forum and we must all contribute, so that I will from now on  :D


So time to give back but in all fairness not much to report!

By the time I got to the Hotel on Sunday I was shattered and thought to myself well I am here for a few days it'll be fine. However I Tindered my ass up and started looking (never used it before but after reading the main thread thought to give it a go).

Next day woke up to a couple of responses  and thought great, said my greetings and went about the day. I was unable to get any decent wifi where I was working so had to wait until I got back to the Hotel. Got back and had been getting response from the same girl, waited around for a little while to see if we would meet up and the next thing I know its getting late so I went down to the restaurant to grab something to eat. Well lets just say nothing really happened this evening and went to bed and though OK tomorrow will be the day!

Day started off the same, responses to missed convo overnight, she had been sending me messages at 01:30  - 02:00 in the morning! Day two at work was a bitch and I did not get back until late. I had another response from another girl so was chatting with her but she was pretty young. Ended up at the Hotel restaurant again and could not be arsed going out but thought right tomorrow night, last night and I am going out! The the girls had at least given me a couple of bars to try on the seafront.

During my last day of work one of they guys I had been with said lets go out tonight...I thought OK not sure which way this may go but I cannot knock him back. Well lets just say I ended up eating at my Hotel AGAIN, he picked me up (with his wife) at about 22:30 (it's the last night and I thought well these guys do seem to party late so lets go with it). He got lost so we could not find the places I wanted to go, however I said lets just go to where you like (damn it I just need a drink). Ended up at the SkyBar in Kenzi Tower and it all went down hill from there and I was back in my hotel by 01:00.

So absolutely nothing happened in the fun department, probably half my fault for being a lazy git and not forward enough with the first girl.

in all fairness some lovely looking Girls about and especially when we were driving around the sea front at about 22:45ish. I found the people genuinely nice and hospitable and overall liked Casablanca. 


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