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Author Topic: Nikki relax with me massage  (Read 759 times)

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Offline robbie1972

Hi saw nikki yesterday,easily contacted by text which she replied with her home address in warndon .
House very nice in a good area lots of parking
The massage itself started by lying on my front whilst she rubbed my back and legs with warm oil
Conversation was one word answers no real trying to chat on her part
Anyway time to turn over.she has got her tits out which were ok but all the stretch marks and her massive belly with big pants on was not doing much for me.
I did eventually pop but i had to close my eyes and think i was with someone else ,which is not the idea?
Anyway wasnt offered a shower so sorted out the paperwork and left
I put neutral as she doesnt claim to be a looker
I suppose each to their own , but i wont be going back
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Offline Stapler

Anyway, where's Warndon? Link?

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Offline Dodo

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