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Author Topic: Laugh of the Day (for me, anyway)  (Read 1438 times)

Offline Pinnacle

hornylittleasian says - "Hi I am of Asian dissent"   :sarcastic:

followed by - "I am a very VERY horny little slut. Been fucking for a while and now decided to charge"

but the icing on the cake is - "and I won't be using any protection if u want to make me pregnant"

Oh I forgot to mention. Apparently lost her virignity at 13, to a school teacher (check out the interview).

What say ye? I reckon it's a load of kids making a fake profile for a laugh.


Lucky boys in Taunton is all I can say.

Offline James999

Private gallery will be up soon  :dash:

Offline tda666

Offline Pinnacle

I've just noticed something about the profile picture, when opened up large. Is it just part of the horrendous amount of pixelation on that picture, or is her entire left forearm absolutely covered in self harm cuts?  :scare:

Offline tda666

Ooosh, that is some pretty harsh self-harm shit going on.


Online NIK

Free anal, free bareback and she's of Asian 'dissent.'

There certainly will be a lot of dissent!  :lol: :lol: :lol:

Offline EnglishRebecca121

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i live in taunton

not had the pleasure of meeting her yet  :lol:

Offline tda666

Maybe look out for her down the hardware store stocking up on Stanley blades !

Offline EnglishRebecca121

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  • Posts: 2,226
this it made me laugh

List of Towns/Areas you will visit .. anywhere for the right money


Offline seeker

Does anyone really visit this type of person  :thumbsdown:
It would be the worst kind of self abuse to visit her  :bomb:

Offline tda666

It's just a joke .... funny too!

Offline Pinnacle

Profile is not on the site now. Either pulled after seeing this thread, or somebody reported a fake photo.

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