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Author Topic: Best London Duo  (Read 1831 times)

Offline Clipit

Gonna be in London at the end of Sept and it's a bucket list item for me to have a duo with two gorgeous ladies. I like the model type, size 6-8 c-cup boobs and nice character. No need for PSE, but an enthusiastic delivery of OWO and fun would be a plus. Any suggestions would be most welcome, preferably close to the city. Thank you n advance for any suggestions or feedback.

Gloucester Road area https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=105789.msg1243869#msg1243869 fit your criteria, if they are still here when you are down, fill your boots.

Offline Steely Dan

You liked ECB - why not ask her to arrange another girl? At least you know and like one of them!


Ask any two of these five:

Offline Clipit

Thanks guys. I was thinking about asking ECB but she seems to have gone underground and isn't easy to get hold of these days. I have a feeling she may be on her way out and I don't recall her doing duo with the exception of Michelle independent, if I recall correctly. If there are other experiences please let me know and I can suggest it. Always worthy a shot!

Try Ebony Rose (29 & slim) and Caprice (mature BBW) near Hampton Court

Offline Clipit

Try Ebony Rose (29 & slim) and Caprice (mature BBW) near Hampton Court

Thanks but not quite what I had in mind. Appreciate the thoughts thou.

It's not what I had in mind neither when I visited Caprice. However when I saw Rose I found her a real turn on so I accepted the offer of a duo & Rose turned out to be very tight & probably the most erotic girl I have ever met.

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