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Author Topic: MILF: MAIDENHEAD OR MAIDSTONE great at either location  (Read 2232 times)

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Offline dubhcarr

Link:    https://www.adultwork.com/2624718 or https://www.adultwork.com/%5FMILF%5F

I have been meaning to write a review on Alice for a while. I have seen her about six times over the past year at the two locations above although she also uses an Old street location I think and used to work at Arsenal presumably where Sami is/was based. She has been reviewed before but I saw her profile on AW where she looks stunning in one or two pics. She isn't as young as the pics but they are not too far away from the truth.

Expectation: always to get to grips with one of the prettiest women in this category IMO and have a great time and empty my balls.

Comms: always good so far but handled by maid I usually give 2hrs notice. I don't think Alice knows one minute to the next who is coming she always looks surprised to see me and I guess anyone else who regularly visits her. Comms by phone and txt she is £100PH I always go for 1 hr.

The venues: OK flats in OK parts of town with car parking

Services: FK/DFK OWO RO Covered sex I don't think she does anal now (never asked) but looking at her star she has seen some action.

The girl: for me looks 8-9 for her age she has been a very pretty girl and still IMO looks good, 36 C+ Tits nice nips I think these are a good boob job still has a natural feel and she likes them attended to, size 10, soft skin, tidy bod age circa 45, poor English dyed mousy blond hair. Can't remember her eyes ...

The meet: last time in Maidstone she answers the door looks surprised and tweaks my bum as I walk past her into bedroom. Every time how long "1HR" are you married cos if so I will take off lipstick, we reacquaint and her lipstick and clothes are kissed and ripped off in seconds. Shower then on to bed for action. She always has a massage table in the venue I must go for longer one time and get B2B from her or even shag her over it. FK gives to DFK suck tits rub pussy and down for RO, fingers, big O she likes the attention and on to Bod Mhor OWO she gives a good sloppy BJ attention to head and balls but not DT. On with mac and doggy mish doggy mish to completion. The disappointment in the package is that she has been totally wrecked by childbirth IMO and is not very tight. She has the habit of holding herself to increase the friction in mish (seems to me) but I am usually too far gone to worry about this. Finish clean cuddle and kiss and catch up on news. She doesn't speak good English but we  seem to communicate and have a laugh. She does start getting nervous around ten mins to go as I don't believe she knows if she has another punter outside or not but she always suggests a shower I have got used to it now and time myself accordingly. I am always out on the hour with doorway snog and fondle.

Conclusion: as you gather I like this experience it isn't perfect but I like an older woman in the mix and this one is pretty. She is quite passive but clearly likes sex. VFM I think there are better at £100PH inc shower time but you makes your choice. I will revisit when she comes off holiday as I have this itch to scratch....

happy punting......... :music:

6 review(s) found for _MILF_ linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline dubhcarr

another visit and another good session in Maidstone......red lipstick ...........pink pussy with tuft on top.......big O on her and ride to Poland......Bod Mhor very happy ....that itch is scratched!! :D

Offline dubhcarr

yet again in Maidenhead......passionate session...back from holiday and felt great.......she took a little time to get warmed up today but sucked and fucked for Poland.......

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