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Author Topic: Any info on FoxXxy Alexia in Leeds?  (Read 751 times)

Offline bod666

Anyone seen this one?
https://www.adultwork.com/3576335 or https://www.adultwork.com/FoxXxy%5FAlexia

No nationality listed, you don't see many Romanians with blue eyes but the hidden feedback is worrying...

She is just my type however...   :hi:

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Offline homeland

go for it looks nice dont forget to review

Offline stevedave

Anyone had a dabble with this one yet? I keep seeing the profile and thinking...I wonder...but not taken the plunge as yet.

Awful. Do not go. It's a brothel, pictures are non-representative (no makeup in real life, weight is a lot more), barely a word of English, enthusiasm is terrible.

My first UK punt and it was an awful experience.

Offline bod666

Definitely a Romanian then  :dash: It's hard to tell whether they're all so miserable because they're trafficked or its just a national cultural trait?

And she has chosen not to show her ratings, well that says it all!  :thumbsdown:

Offline p3ngu1n

And she has chosen not to show her ratings, well that says it all!  :thumbsdown:

About as dodgy as Keith Vaz selling washing machines

Offline stevedave

I'll be scratching this one off the to do list then!

Thanks for the feedback chaps.

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