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Author Topic: Naughty Marisa Dominican -Sydenham  (Read 860 times)

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This was a very quick punt in and out in about 12 mins. Now she's not attractive at all but I was there for her loose pussy and bum hole. Paid 40 pounds for 15 mins oral with was decent hard sucking and sucked one of my balls could of sucked for longer but hey  :unknown: onto sex now she did not need lube at all and when I stuck my dick in it was a warm wet deep hole  :sarcastic: . I knew jackhammer was out of the question as I would of cum in 2 mins so long slow strokes moved onto doggy and tried to hold out but could not and nutted in the dom.

I would say she is early fiftys at best. Fake ass and droopy tits only saw her on the strength of pumps review last year and I have to say she does have a good bucket pussy.

If she does START doing her 40 pounds for half a hour bargain again I will most def visit her again

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Paid her another visit tonight  40 pound pump and dump as I was leaving two customers were arguing outside the brothel, it seemed to stem from who was first at the door  as Perla was busy so marisa was the only girl available and the maid said only one can come up.

Which then seemed to kick off with both swearing and saying that he arrived there first, i walked past both of them thinking oh dear  :sarcastic: and left  :hi:

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