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Author Topic: ##MIA## - Central London  (Read 2248 times)

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Offline Icarus


£90 for 30 minute incall


Flawless. Sent a text enquiring, received a text back almost immediately confirming the time. Sent booking request through AW. Was running 5-10 minutes late and let her know. I think she was bang on time, which is a rarity in this game.

The Girl

Got to be honest, I wasn't massively impressed by the pictures (in the sense that they can be better rather than them being unrepresentative) but she obviously has a large number of positive reviews on here so decided to go with it. She is attractive and has a great petite body, more attractive mate than knock out sexy. Answered the door in a short dress and heels with no underwear on, I imagine that's the standard request but fair play because I overlooked requesting that this time. Polish obviously, but must have been in the UK for a while because she speaks very good English with barely any accent. Chatty, talkative and clearly intelligent enough to converse on a wide range of topics.

The Booking

Given the amount of reviews Im not sure describing this in exquisite detail is necessary. Venue in central london. Smart modern apartment. Offered and took a shower, clean towel provided. DFK, RO, OWO and sex in a couple of positions. Only real negative was that OWO was a bit too slow for my preference. Positives were the overall GFE though. She got on top of me to start and came right in to kiss me whilst I was fucking her from underneath. I always think this is something thats massively overlooked by service providers - I've rarely had sex with a girl without kissing them at the same time. Then we switched to missionary, bit of a pounding followed by the inevitable. Chat and shower to finish.


A solid reliable punt. GFE not PSE. I think you'll always have a good time with her.
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20 review(s) found for ##MIA## linked to in above post (19 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline shagbambi

Thanks for the review. I have always wanted to meet Mia but somehow never been able to find a time slot that works for both. 

I believe that this is the same Mia that works one or two days at the Soho walkup at 8 Greek Street. Can anyone confirm or otherwise?

I believe that this is the same Mia that works one or two days at the Soho walkup at 8 Greek Street. Can anyone confirm or otherwise?
I bloody hope not as I was not impressed at all with the 8 Greek St version and promptly walked.

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