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Author Topic: Luscious Lowri, Oxford tour - Lovely Welsh girl but hidden extras  (Read 1104 times)

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Offline Cunning Punt

https://www.adultwork.com/3592012 or https://www.adultwork.com/LUSCIOUSLOWRI

Oxford is a well-known punting desert but - as I mentioned in a recent thread - there seems to have had an upsurge in touring escorts in the past couple of weeks. Some of them have been fairly decent SPs.
However, most tourers come during the working week and I don't fancy seeing an escort fairly late at night, being at the "end of the line".
Fortunately, I had a rare bank holiday off.

I'd seen a couple of positive reviews of Lowri and she seemed right up my street, but it meant a 5hr round-trip to Bromley and paying £140, so I forgot about her. However, doing a search today, I saw she was at the beginning of a tour to Oxford (she's here until Thursday).

I'll put this high up to warn other punters. Lowri has hidden extras.
OWO - £10
CIM - £20 (total, not additional)
A-levels - £30

However, her basic price is back down from £140 to £120 at the moment.
Fortunately, I had read through the review threads on this site relating to Lowri and seen one comment that she now charges extras, which doesn't appear to have been the case with the first two punters who reviewed her.

I have suggested to her that she make the extras clear on her profile. She said she had been advised (not sure by whom) not to bother to list them and I expect richer punters in London aren't that fazed about another £10 or £20 so she obviously hasn't had disgruntled punters.

By phone call with postcode texted.
Lowri confirmed OWO was £10 extra so I opted for 30mins, thinking I would extend if the punt was going well.

Lowri is working from a flat off Iffley Road not far from the Oxford University Rugby Club and athletics track (where Roger Bannister got the first sub-four-minute mile).
It is mostly residents' permit parking, including the side streets, but there are a couple of 1hr spaces on the main road outside a Chinese takeaway and 3hr spaces a bit further up.
Alternatively, it's a short bus ride from Oxford city centre.

Lowri directs you to a landmark so she can see you and then gives directions from there.
She's working from a flat with shared entrance as it's a converted house, so not that ideal, particularly as she took time to come down.
There appeared to be another girl in the background when I called, but was out of sight and sound when I was in the flat.
I wasn't offered a shower so couldn't comment on the bathroom.
It was only a single bed in the room, which wasn't ideal and it was a bit cramped, but we managed!

Lowri is not slim but she's not fat. She states all her body stats, including size 12 and 34C bust are accurate. However, she four or five years older than the 21 claimed, but she says she is a student and may just look older than she is.
Lowri has a Celtic look about her, with red hair and some nice, subtle feckles and in my opinion is very attractive facially (9/10) and in terms of her body.

She has a nice Welsh accent, is intelligent and is very easy to get along with. In fact, with her looks and personality, she is exactly the sort of girl many guys would want as their girlfriend - and then there's the sex.

After some nice DFK to start with and noticing her pussy didn't whiff, I pretty quickly extended to an hour with OWO as extra.
I like to have sex early in 1hr meets to maximise the recovery time and give me more of a chance of a second round.
Being on top is clearly Lowri's favourite position and she excels at it - riding very vigorously with good action. That, combined with some FK, meant I got a nice pop out of the way.

While a lot of escorts make rather too much noise during RO, Lowri was responsive but quiet and natural, which gave me the impression that she genuinely did have an orgasm, particularly as I doubt she had seen many, if any, punters up to that point that day.
When I inquired, she said she didn't particularly like fingering.

Also, between rounds, I had a massage. Lowri says she isn't that good at massage but it was a decent effort from an amateur, in my opinion.

However, she is certainly very good at oral, varying technique and depth, occasionally going right to the base. There was no eye contact during oral, unfortunately, but some during sex.

She got John Thomas going fairly quickly, but after more decent CG, the transition of positions became limp again. More OWO appeared to do the trick but as soon as the condom went on, he back to sleep again and couldn't manage re-entry.
This routine of oral, condom on, limpness, condom off happened three times in all and I'd basically given up on having sex.  :dash:

However, a combination of DFK and HJ from Lowri got JT alert again.
There was then a rush by Lowri to get the condom packet open before he went limp again, get quickly in mish position on the single bed and then me pounding away to try to keep it up.
It was all speeded up in a cross between a Benny Hill sketch and a Robin Asquith soft porn film.  :lol:

Persistence paid off and after pounding away, I managed a second pop.  :yahoo:

There was time for recovery and a nice chat while getting dressed, a "diolch en fawr" and I was on my way.

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8 review(s) found for  LUSCIOUS linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 4 negative)

Thanks for the warning of hidden extras.  At £80 for 30 minutes the extras start to make it expensive

Cheers, hopefully she may tour Heathrow.  :drinks:

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