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Author Topic: Natural ways in gravesend  (Read 1683 times)

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Offline Jamesleuk

Natural ways on wrotham road. I'm not 100% sure but I think the girl I saw is called Linda. Although mine wasn't exactly a massage from this place, I can tell u about an experience which was kinda weird. So I visited natural ways earlier today and was led to a room, 25£ for half hour, I paid her and she left to put the money away. she said she had a booking but will see me first as she had a bit of time in between. Fair enough. Anyways she asked me to strip and she be back, straight to the point she asked if I wanted more, I asked if she does b2b but she said no, and only nude b2b. So I asked her how much, she wanted 60£ !!!! I said I would not pay any less than 30£ for this and willing to pay £40 for b2b but then she complained and said no way and how times have moved on. However I refuse to pay £60 for a naked massage so I just said finish the massage. She then said I would rather refund you and keep the next customer happy rather than run late if she finish my massage. So I thought whatever just pay me back then and got dressed and left. There was another girl there who was booked but managed to see her for a few secs while coming in, she was very pretty and around mid 20s, I asked her name from the girl I was seeing she said she was called Amanda so I might give them a try next time

Offline Jamesleuk

I meant I wouldn't pay any more than £30 for the nude he, not less 😓 Ofcause I would be happy to pay less lol
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Well done for standing your ground James, having used most of these places in and around Kent I have found that its better to negotiate with the little fuckers before you get started, they seem to think that asian pussy is irresistible when your on the massage table and we are stupid enough to pay what they ask, that of course is if you decide to stay after seeing your masseuse, some of them are just plain fucking ugly in these places, a few good ones now and again but not quite the 23 year old slim Chinese girl described on the phone by most of them, still you saved some cash for your next punt

Offline krish

Agree with the above, the Chinese massage experience is generally less fun than it was, wrotham road place is not one of the best, nearby nice life has gone downhill too. I reckon the one in Orpington high street is best in that part of Kent/Se london

I can say that Amanda is great, very attractive and lots of fun

She was more than happy to give me a card with her details on after I left

I will only go there on days when Amanda is working

Offline LongRider


What does Amanda look like and do you know what days she works please?

I've been there a few times and always left disappointed with a cold and unfriendly service. Haven't been for a while though.



Amanda is slim and attractive, reasonably busty

She is very chatty and started working as a receptionist only but has now progressed

She tries it on a little at first when offering extra's, £60 I think her initial request is but always aceepts £40

I generally text to find out if she is working if im near the area

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