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Author Topic: SweetRoxies69 in Bristol  (Read 394 times)

Offline Roth

https://www.adultwork.com/2523573 or https://www.adultwork.com/SweetRoxies69

Tasty looking blonde prossie advertising in Bristol. :rose: Profile been around since June 2014 but absolutely fuck all about her on UKP. :hi: Also only 2 AW ratings one in July 2014 and another one in March 2016 from a 67yo male prossie. :unknown:

Don't think she's a PG scammer cos her PG is tiny and she's got a number and her green light up on AW. :unknown:

Strange. :wackogirl:

Offline scooby73

Yes she is a strange 1.
Sadly i think a fake 1 too.
Now in my area and would've liked to of seen her but i think if she was that fit, there would be some feedback on her :(

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