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Author Topic: Julia - Forest Hill  (Read 404 times)

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Firstly, this review is only a neutral because I'm not 100% sure the girl I saw is the girl in the pictures.....I'm leaning towards she wasn't.

Anyway....called at 1am, answered straight away, said she's still working. ConfirmEd 30 mins for £60. When I arrived, I called and got voicemail. Called again still voicemail. Got through the 3rd time. Il give her the benefit of the doubt that it was her signal because mine was playing up in that area too.

Buzzed in, (she asks no to slam the door and to be discreet via text) Walk up 2 flights of stairs, doors already open, she let's me in, small peck on the cheek.

At this point I'm questioning whether it's the same chick....this one looks a bit haggard and less elegant - but all these slags use photoshop so you never know....
Cash sorted..... off with the clothes.... wanks me off in front of her to the point of a semi -then puts the condom on with her mouth..... he head was gentle...concentrating on the head for the most part with slow yet hard socks....I loved it. She throated me a few times which impressed me.
Asked position....I didn't even respond..... I just turned her round.... put her into doggy and as Brazilian Martian says....I jackhammered that pussy for about 20 mins. Flipped her on her back, legs on shoulders for me to buss that nut whilst deep in that pussy.

I noticed there was no eye contact when face to face.... that usually bothers me a little but today I couldn't care less....it was all about the nut  :cool:

Would I go back? Not many late night options south of the river so yes,I probably would - not as a 1st choice but as a solid plan b.

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