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    Author Topic: Livia Lust Euston finally got to meet her  (Read 2917 times)

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    Offline stuart.

                    Livia Lust


    Links:      [[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    Cost:       ¬£120 for 1 Hour + 30 for CIM

    Location: Euston lbis hotel literally next to the train station, very easy to find

    Comms:   i text a week in advance and booked her through Adultwork as i have been waiting to see her for quite some time, was given the address of the hotel 3 days before my appointment, got the door number upon arrival

    Looks :   she fucking hot  :wacko: stunning girl, there is absolutely no fat on this body and what a fucking body it is OMG haha she has amazing boobs which are really well done she is really tall, i normally go for short petite but really like the look of her pictures and she look just like her pictures, she wore the hot pants from her picture as i requested

    Services: i am a little confused as i've read on here that she doesn't do CIM and it's not in her likes on adult works, because at the beginning i ask about a facial which is on her likes and i've read she had done? she said she would never do this for anyone? and offered me CIM 4 extra.
    anyway on with the review, she started with a strip tease dancing which some people could see as wasting time so i just grabbed her lol had to get my hands on those amazing breasts, she gave me a awesome BJ proper deepthroat swallow the whole thing  :wacko: i could have cum then and there, so i decided to fuck her, she takes a good pounding then switch to her on top she was playing with my balls while she was fucking me felt great, with those boobs in my face i was worried i would cum so switch back to BJ and then emptied 4 days worth of cum in her mouth and she did not pull away until i was finished and it was a big load and she went to the bathroom to clean up she made me take another shower. one thing i have to point out, she uses wet wipes a lot on your dick.

    i had read that she smokes, so i asked her if i could smoke she gave me a cigarette and she smoked a spliff  lol she offered me some but i don't do this anymore, she did asked first if it was ok and i said yes :sarcastic: 
    One other thing i have to point out her English isn't the best but good enough

    Then for round two, i just let her ride me and finished over her sexy boobs

    Will I return  : yes but i think for half an hour service, she is a very fit sexy girl but i would normally only return to girls that let me cum over there face


    as you can see she is smoking hot  :crazy:
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    Do you know when she comes back from holidays? Would love to meet her!  :angelgirl:

    Offline stuart.

    Do you know when she comes back from holidays? Would love to meet her!  :angelgirl:

    I'm not sure for certain but last time she was on holiday I think it was for three weeks, and she went on holiday straight after I saw her and I made this review a couple hours after I got home so I would say maybe one more week but I can't say for sure also she is never in one place so she might be in Heathrow for 3 days then in Central London for three days sometimes further out of London hope this helps  :)

    Just keep an eye on her tour dates or message her through adult works as she has a maid that replies for her and she will probably know the answer to your question
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    Offline bqaj

    She told me she should be here around the second week of September  :dance:

    Offline paul_b_1977

    Great will have to give her a call when she returns next week

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