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Author Topic: Pretty-Anna X - Hatfield  (Read 1088 times)

5 review(s) for PLEASURE MANSION XX (4 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Hertsgent


So, on the basis of Mrxyz987s recent review I ventured to a meeting with Pretty Anna.....and enjoyed myself, and give it a positive. This was 1-2 weeks ago.

But let's get some core detail out upfront that might cause other punters to feel very different. The usual modus operandi of this location is 1) hot romainian girl, 2) No kissing (or exceptionally limited), 3) OW, although OWO is a £10 option - I didn't ascertain whether that option was actually available , as happy with OW on this occasion (I hadn't prepared for the punt properly, so wasn't sure of my staying power, and so OW would help I reasoned - I blame GF Jenny for draining me so comprehensively 9 days earlier, that I hadn't needed to do anything since... :yahoo:). I expected these guidelines, even though kissing is on the profile (hence why other punters would rate differently), have been to this location many times at £60/30 mins, so my eyes were open before I entered.

So, onto the punt. Excellent location as ever, perfectly discrete and easy to blend in. Comms very easy, arranging in the morning for a lunchtime meet, and called up on time / ahead of time actually. Friendly welcome, AW pictures accurate, although actually she looks a bit prettier (particularly facially) than on the photos. Went away as normal to stash the cash and get me a drink, but came back promptly.

No time wasting getting into the action. Good use of a rather nice pair of knockers  :crazy:, and a body that was neither thin nor fat if you get what I mean. Onto OW, which was very good, and then whilst having a fumble during this I was pleasantly surprised by "Anna" plopping herself on my face  :wacko:. Eventually moved onto sex in several positions, with a nice finish - earlier than I hoped, due to my lack of preparation. Nice touch that "Anna" gave little HG a nice clean up .

Declined a massage after (mainly as would require a post punt shower to remove the smell of product before returning to normal life), so filled remaining time with conversation......in a fairly loose sense of the word, as English was not great. Due to this, it was a bit led by me, so eventually I ran out of generic questions and excused myself on time. Seemed a nice girl though, and I got the impression throughout that she had not been doing this long, which was good.

Positive as nice girl, pretty, and quite eager. I would be happy to see again, but with the conversation difficulties, and that it was a fairly "standard" positive punt, I think I'd be more likely to try another girl I hadn't previously seen. However, I enjoyed myself and certainly felt the meeting was worthwhile for me.

5 review(s) found for PLEASURE MANSION XX linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Mmm. " member has chosen to hide their feedback"
sounds iffy

Offline Hackneylad1

Interesting that she gives nationality as Greek

Offline Hertsgent

There's known profile swapping in the area (someone rents out AW profiles apparently...) - so caution on the UKP reviews on this girl, as could be different profile renters (I would add a photo, but struggle on my mobile). All WGs you would see at this location will be Romainian in my experience (they might say otherwise, but that's a regular occurrence as we all know!). In this case I asked her if she was Romainian and she confirmed.

The hidden feedback I hadn't noticed, as the zero I assumed was no feedback. Interesting, as she asked me if I would leave AW feedback on a couple of occasions during the punt and when we were communicating by text (I haven't on this occasion) !

Offline MrXYZ987

Seems same routine as my punt, and your ending summary rather how I felt.

Oddly when I asked where she's from she said Greece. However, I was rather inclined to nt believe her; I was thinking she's a Rom. I'm sure when I first noticed the profile nationality was given as Bulgarian.

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