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Author Topic: North west London Adventure ? marieandmo  (Read 332 times)

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Marie =  3/10
Location = 6/10
Service = 2/10
Comms = 8/10

   On that blazing hot summer's afternoon I manage to free myself from work to visit that couple. :cool:
To start with the comms were fine texts and calls where I discover a funny nasal voice Ken Livingston style.

   After few hiccups with the directions through some woody back gardens I found the door and Marie behind (she warned me before I traveled that Mo wasn't in)

   She was for sure the lady from the photos but ten years after or may be more. Small with a considerable belly, a quick basic make up to enhance a not very healthy skin face, a vintage mini dress and a pair of old stockings, I then spotted some halloween teeth  :vomit:(green/brown in poor shape) behind a smoker's breath all that with a lethargic general behaviour (probably under antidepressants or medications) That totally put me off a FK (which I was expecting from the service list)

   I followed her to the bedroom upstairs, asked for the loos, they were quite clean with toiletries but walls not refreshed since at least 20 years as all the other rooms I have been through (Living room, stair case and bedroom) I open the bottle of wine which I bough to apologise for my hour delay :rose:...she didn't had any but didn't even get a glass for me !

   I paid £100 for an hour booked and asked what can I get with, she reply by “we'll see honey” We laid on bed I then could hardly distinguished her breasts from the belly flops. She started to kiss the back of my rod and after 5 mins I decided to investigate the untrimmed blond bush...well well, it was smelling stale tobacco ! :scare: She was carry on kissing the stiffy for about 10 good minutes she probably had only three times a proper taste of it, but nothing like a DT. Then she said “I'll show you a trick honey” by then I might have done few attempts to move her nicely to change position but in vain ! She put the rubber and her trick was the cow girl reverse...after a while I came.
   While the break she was doing her “best” to entertain with the most boring and off putting conversation from her old uncle gone to hospital with a tumour in his crotch (still with a lethargic and nasal voice)
   I quickly recovered and touching myself she wanted to show me “another trick” she oiled my rod and put a shoe lace around the balls and here goes the hand-job trick ! To be honest I don't know I how I did but I came for the second time. And then you will have seen how the punter was very please after the last sip at the bottle, jump in my shoes and say goodbye even 15minutes before time.

   A build up excitement for a big disappointment it was. I proper English it woz a rip-off I am far to be a newcomer in punting or swinging around Europe and very respectful of all the lady's but this is a good opportunity to discourage any horny body thanks a lot UK Punting. 

 I hope to help everybody... (punters and competitors not sure if the service provider can improve unfortunatly)


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I see the profile kicks off with "Something Different"...

Wow. Thanks for the review, was certainly an eye-opener.

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