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Author Topic: Chinese Massage Tamworth  (Read 6047 times)

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I called into this place about 5:45pm yesterday. I enquired about a booking but the lady apologised & said she had a 6pm booking. Thank god as I would've walked anyway, she was at least 50 with very strange shaved/stubbly eye brows!! Maybe the Jenny you guys saw was temporary to get the place some good reviews??

Offline the tiger

  hi  mate  did  warn you  all  before  about  jenny  but  other members  snubbed my  report  about her...  all  the best in future..tiger   

You were bang on Tiger won't be risking that place again, she gave me the creeps, feel sorry for the guy who had pre-booked for 6pm.

Offline itspaul

This is confusing I was at this Chinese shop yesterday at 12.15. I saw a lady  approx 35 ish. Very friendly and chatty  had 1 HR massage with b2b and HR £80  it was as the op posted  as I left she was getting dressed to go out so perhaps the older woman does afternoons ? 

Offline dsbrumz

Just been for 30 min massage in here, Jenny is the lady with the (eyebrows) and she told me she works everyday, very pleasant lady and talked a lot at the beginning and end, I only had HE as she was so chatty I didn't want to ask her about body to body as I felt awkward! I don't normally! But she was extremely friendly/chatty overall and a decent massage/ reach under

Offline kickr

I'm travelling to Derby in Jan, can't find this shop. Anyone got the link, i wanna contact them and book in.

Offline jtalbain1

I'm travelling to Derby in Jan, can't find this shop. Anyone got the link, i wanna contact them and book in.

Sorry for the late reply. Just so you know, Jenny has moved on :-(
A lady called Mimi seems to run the place now. Her B2B isn't great as she likes you to stay on your front, but she does give a cracking tit wank to finish off with, so your call really.
(Also, after having been left in a room there by myself for 15 mins due to a scheduling cock up, I will tell you now, there are NO cameras anywhere. I searched that fucker high and low.)

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