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Author Topic: Sweet Peaches - Incall, Cambridge.  (Read 630 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2638849 or https://www.adultwork.com/SweetPeaches+69

I'm just so fed up with AW these days, there are so few decent Brit girls about and they're prices seem to be creeping up then this happens :

Plans A, B, C and D for that matter went wrong today so I thought I'd give a Romanian a chance to impress me and restore my faith in the nationality of whoring.
I didn't expect much ... and wasn't pleasantly surprised :(

Phone Sweet Peaches because she looked good and listed CIM, Facial and Swallow with no "extras" ... la dee dah.
No reply, par for the course.
Moments later a text saying please text me, still no surprises, still par for the course.
I texted that I'd arrange by text if she really wanted me to but that if she wasn't the girl in the pictures providing the services listed at the price quoted I'd walk.
She said okay and gave me a postcode and road name.

Off I toddled just for something to do, call it research if you like because I really wasn't expecting to TOFTT !!
Texted when in place outside a discreet block of buzzer entry modern flats in central Cambridge and got a swift response with flat number.
Mmmm, you never know maybe just maybe I'm going to uncover ( or rather "cover" ;) ) a gem ?

Door of flat opened even before I knocked, with girl hidden behind it .... back to par for the course territory.

Now, the nitty gritty, Peaches is probably the girl in the pictures or at least she is very nearly as pretty, slim and blonde AND her English seemed to be very good. Fuckable ... Oh, yes most definitely ... but then again that's also often par for the course with these EE po$$ies.

So my cock was saying go for it man, but the discussion of services and prices very rapidly brought on an attack of disappointed  penile flacidity.

She doesn't do OWO in the price, and doesn't do facial or swallow at all !! I told her that her profile says that she does, she just shrugged, sullen wouldn't be a strong enough description of her demeanour .... you guessed it ... par for the course.

I walked as it must be said I was expecting to do.

So would I return ... only if I'd got nothing better to do and for a laugh to mess her around as much as she messes clients around.

She's another Romanian lying cheat basically, yes I'm well and truely pissed off with this hobby now.

1 review(s) found for SweetPeaches 69 linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Well bugger me sideways I was thinking of seeing her.

Shan't bother now.

Well done for walking MF. Top bloke:-)

Offline P. Lonker

YES! Well done for walking out on the greedy misleading Bitch!
Banning reason: Pimp posing as punter

Offline vt

YES! Well done for walking out on the greedy misleading Bitch!

Ironic that she claims on her profile 'I do everything on my list and don't mislead anybody in any respect'!  :wackogirl:

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