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Author Topic: High Class Call Girls. Chanel 4  (Read 2239 times)

There is currently a Chanel 4, documentary titled "High Class Call Girls". Features the world of punting & a window into thier life's. Adult Work get a real inclusion in the program content...

No link, but it's still on the "On Demand"

Offline hexohm

Wasnt this out last year? The two main "stars" were propper tramps and nothing classy about them at all.
Not a bad watch i suppose and in some ways a fair reflection iirc

Not seen it listed before. Was just looking through 4OD. The one about the Birmingham Brothel is there, that was on last year. Now there seriously rough. FFS

Offline Roth

Offline smiths

There were a fair few threads running on this on the main board and round the regions.  Main ones here -




A right couple of dogs and nowt high class about them. :wackogirl: :scare: :wackogirl:

Absolutely and it proves the words high class like elite and courtesan mean fuck all in punting, they are just marketing words usually for expensive. What they in no way mean of course is the WGs offer a good service. I wouldn't give 50p t punt with either of those 2 WGs featured. High class my arse.

Offline foxinthebox9

I met Emily B as like the OTT porn look occasionally. Was before this came out and while high class is an extremely loose term lol,  she was at least a really good laugh and a really greay fuck. Only web cams now after having a kid. Her mate is still working but she may put on a posh voice but is out of shape and no better than a £80hr girl.
Banning reason: Posting malicious review. Not answering Admin properly.

Offline Steely Dan

People pretend to hate sex work, but they love shows about it.  Sex in Strange Places ('In this investigative series, Stacey Dooley travels to Turkey, Russia and Brazil to meet young people who are trading on their looks and sexuality for a living....') did so well on BBC3 that they are moving it to BBC1 on Tuesdays. Not punting exactly I guess, but whatever.

Offline tesla

price paid /fee charged and or education show no indication of punt quality, its all down to attitude

Offline wannabe

Chanel 4? I thought that was a perfume.

Offline artvsr

Yeah I watched this show the other day... It looked like a proper sponsored event from AdultWork. As if they had paid a couple of hundred thou's to get website namedropped a couple of times. A LOT of times.. actually

Offline WhattheFlip

That bit where Emily walks out the bedroom having obviously just received a massive faceful of spunk with the client she really fancies...
Hilarious. Neither of 'em were remotely high class though.

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