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Author Topic: New WhatsApp policy. Must have punting phone  (Read 3553 times)

Zuckennberg can fuck off -------------> i don't use facebook/whatsapp/snapchat/instagram.

Must confess have done the odd text or call on my work phone but now need to replace my old puntering phone with a smart phone as I would prefer to be able to browse and use WhatsApp.

So here is my logic, set up a "cheapish" smart phone using a specific mail address used for punting, could use the one I have set up to access AW or this site.  When doing punts, put the girl in as a contact so easy to manage but then delete or periodically do a factory reset. Only have the contacts on the phone, i.e. don't sync it with any email accounts.

Obviously Punting phone would not be used for Facebook

Anything that I am missing or tips that anyone can provide ?

I do this essentially. Make sure the phone if factory wiped to start with and not just a old smartphone with a new sim.

To each their own, but I personallly enjoy the use of WhatsApp

Offline tazz

Zuckennberg can fuck off -------------> i don't use facebook/whatsapp/snapchat/instagram.

If only we had his billions, wed be fucking super models all day

Seeing as Facebook own WhatsApp this news does not seem very surprising.

I personally use a smartphone for punting - but it's just a punting phone, and not linked to any social networks.

Offline MrXYZ987

Or be a luddite like me and not bother with faceache/twatter/shitchat/wankapp

I'll be honest if I see a wg on adult work I usually copy and paste her phone number into Facebook or save it to see if there's any other pics on whatsapp etc

I use my smart phone in incognito (wank) mode to look them up.
and then a nokia 130 to call/text.

I get a sim with £10 credit and dump it when it runs out.
Also before I leave a 'known location' to go visit a girl I turn off all location services on my smart phone and use something called 'a map' if I get lost.

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