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Author Topic: Albina @ Peachy Escorts  (Read 222 times)

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Had my eye of Albina for a while, so when i had the cash and the time, i took the opportunity to tick her off my list.



Her flat, pretty much opposite Paddington Station. Buzzer entry on a pretty busy street, so it doesn't draw attention, once inside its very discreet.

Inside its a studio apartment, spotlessly clean and centered around a double bed

Its the girl in the photos, but without the benefit of photoshop. She's a tad older than the photos lead you to believe, her boobs aren't firm and perky and she has a mole/birthmark/thing of her back which is a tad weird :-(

I can't really complain, she does OW and CIM and she rode me nicely, the problem was it was all just a bit meh! I've had blowjobs so incredible they've made my toes curl (Jasmine Black and Amazing_Victoria_no1) and i've had them so awful which i wouldn't wish on my worse enemy, this was just meh! The sex was just meh! I wish i could be more descriptive, but it was all a bit nondescript!

£300 for 2 hour

5/10 not bad but not good either


- Misleading pics
- Nondescript service

I wouldn't go back to be honest

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