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Author Topic: Glasgow slim girl good at dirty domination  (Read 1091 times)

Hi guys. Visiting next week and was looking for a slimmer girl who gives a good domination with sex. Enthusiastic and dirty (and I don't mean soap shy) if possible. Age less important but I'm no spring chicken so happy with a more mature if she's good. If anyone can give me a good lead or two I'd be very grateful. A quick look suggested Exclusive Honey might fit the bill but some local knowledge would be good.

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Exclusive Honey isn't bad. Not brilliant either tbh.   Saw her a few months ago.  She's slim but not as busty as I'd have liked.  No OWO and its usually cum once in half an hour.  I threatened to walk at this,  so she reluctantly agreed to 2 pops,  despite being told at the time of the booking I didn't want sex,  just hand relief,  bit of roleplay and oral.  Her roleplay skills are good, hood dirty talk and she could dish out a good thrashing if required.  I felt my time with her was a little mechanical and I think she wanted my 2 pops out of the way ASAP,  she started a great little roleplay but 30 seconds later wanted to make me cum.  I'd go there with a session plan of exactly what you want and how long you spend doing it,  as she's got the potential to deliver a good session if directed properly. 

Make sure number of pops is agreed and be aware no OWO either. 
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Cheers mate, thanks for the heads up. One pop's fine for me at my age, it's more about the journey than the arrival these days tbh, not that I'd want to miss on the one. Any other recommendations?

Any other recommendations. Perhaps I need to relax the slim bit?

Any other recommendations. Perhaps I need to relax the slim bit?

Unfortunately, Gabriella (https://www.adultwork.com/1870808) seems to be up north next week, but from what I've read, would presumably suit your requirements perfectly. It's therefore probably worth keeping an eye on her profile, in case her schedule changes.

Sorry I can't be of more help, but am too busy to have a proper think at the moment. Will do so if I get the chance though and throw up anything that springs to mind.

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Gabs is doing a few days in the big G now but outcall only.

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