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Author Topic: Rimmers  (Read 1778 times)

Offline Markovid

Hi wondering if anyone has any recommendations for girls who rim? Happy to travel if required. My faves at the mo are Hot Marie in Dundee and Busty Dana Lee when in Edinburgh. Longleggedloveymel was a fave before she disappeared.

Any pointers appreciated

Offline JJM

Mixed reviews I think but she lists rimming both ways, think was something about the original lass maybe being replaced  https://www.adultwork.com/2272816 or https://www.adultwork.com/XXX+AYLIN+PORNSTAR+

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Offline TKovac

 :dash:Can't tink of any kind I'd off the top of my head.  But Dionne at New town saunas us an enthusiastic rimmer as is hannah(sophie@nts chloe@scorpio) who is currently at Carolz

If I remember others will add them on.  Good rimming is hard to find

Select rimming (giving) from the search page on AW for your area and then read reviews on here. You could also email or phone the girl first to check that she will do rimming.

Offline Rangerslad

There was someone who used to tour up here called candy Cain or something. She gave a good rimming but I haven't seen her touring this way for a while

I can vouch that Scottish Sophie rims:


As does CuteCurvySub:


CuteCurvySub is very good at it, although she doesn't to have been working much lately.  Hopefully she is again soon though, because she's excellent - and not just at rimming!

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